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Honkai Star Rail – How to clear Simulated Universe World 6

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Honkai: Star Rail features a game mode known as the “Simulated Universe,” a roguelike mode where you’re pitted against numerous tough bosses and enemies while gaining buffs to help you along the way. World 6 of the Simulated Universe features many waves of respawning enemies, so AoE damage is recommended for this world. Follow this guide for some tips and tricks in clearing World 6 of the Simulated Universe in Honkai: Star Rail.

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How to clear World 6 of the Simulated Universe in Honkai: Star Rail

To unlock World 6 of the Simulated Universe, you’ll have to clear the prior worlds before it. World 6’s Elite enemies and mobs aren’t too difficult, but feature a startlingly difficult boss fight in Cocolia. World 6 of the Simulated Universe has a recommended team level of 60, with the final boss being rated at Level 65. However, we managed to clear World 6 using a team of Level 50 characters and Light Cones.

World 6 of the Simulated Universe features enemies weak to Fire, Electric, and Quantum. Breaking the weakness of Cocolia is extremely important, so be sure to have at least 3 out of 4 units on your team with these elements. There are 13 stages in the Simulated Universe, and the final floor features the mega boss Cocolia.

Recommended team comps & paths

Honkai Star Rail World 6 [8]

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  • The team we cleared with consisted of Welt / Fire Trailblazer / Bailu / Serval. AoE damage is important here as Cocolia will repeatedly respawn enemies throughout the fight. Serval can also whittle down Cocolia’s weaknesses.
  • Seele / Bailu / Fire Trailblazer / Asta is a great set-up, with each character capable of shutting down Cocolia’s weakness break. Seele is an offensive powerhouse and one of the best DPS units in the game right now, while Bailu can provide some crucial heals.
  • Serval / Fire Trailblazer / Natasha / Asta is likely your best bet for a free-to-play friendly team. All players should have received a Serval, and she’ll deal the most of your team’s damage. Fire Trailblazer is a good tank and has good Weakness Break, while Asta has Weakness Break on her Skill. Natasha has the added benefit of cleansing Frozen allies, which is very helpful in Cocolia’s final phase.
  • We highly recommend taking The Hunt for your Path. Tailoring for 10 Hunt blessings is very helpful in taking down the mobs Cocolia spawns. You can also use Abundance to heal through some of her tougher attacks.

Cocolia boss fight strategy

Beating this fight under-leveled is possible. For the purpose of this guide, we used “The Hunt” blessings and reached 10 different Hunt blessings to hit two different Resonance Formation buffs: Resonance Formation: Bow & Arrow, and Resonance Formation: Perfect Aim. These allow you to unleash a multitude of deadly AoE attacks, letting you focus on Weakness Breaking Cocolia.

Honkai Star Rail World 6 [2]

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During phase 1, Cocolia will start the fight alone. Use this moment to deal as much damage as you can, but save your Path Resonance attack. Once Cocolia takes her turn, she will use the move Omen of Everlasting Freeze to summon one Ice Edge. The Ice Edge is an additional enemy that can deal strong AoE damage against your team. If you are taking The Hunt blessings and have both recommended Resonance Formations, use both charges to easily defeat the Ice Edge. This phase is relatively straightforward. Cocolia will periodically resummon the Ice Edge, so use your Resonance Formation attack when this happens.

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During phase 2, Cocolia will summon an additional boss immediately after this phase begins: Bronya. Bronya is weak to Physical, Fire, and Imaginary, so bringing units that can deal with her weaknesses as well is useful. Bronya’s main utility in this fight is to buff Cococlia’s attack, and Action Forward her moves ensuring that she can go before you. This is devastating as Cocolia can spawn her Ultimate ability, which we’ll get to in a minute.

Honkai Star Rail World 6 [4]

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One key difference between Phases 1 & 2 is Cocolia’s Omen of Everlasting Freeze ability. Instead of summoning one Ice Edge, she will spawn two. This is not actually a huge deal if you have the recommended Hunt blessings listed above, as you can destroy both of them in one turn and refill your charges before she spawns them again.

Honkai Star Rail World 6 [5]

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The difficult part of Phase 2 is Cocolia’s ult, Wrath of Winterland Saints. This move has Cocolia charge up a devastating Ice attack that will deal immense damage to your team if you do not Weakness Break her in time. Weakness Breaking her is essential if you do have the set-up to tank this attack. For this phase, it’s highly recommended to save your Ultimates to ensure you can interrupt this attack.

Honkai Star Rail World 6 [6]

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We recommend defeating prioritizing Bronya’s defeat first to ensure that she cannot Action Forward Cocolia’s Ultimate. Utilize your Path Resonance attack to defeat the Ice Edges when they spawn. Cocolia will always Ice Edge first, and follow up with her Ultimate. 

Honkai Star Rail World 6 [7]

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During phase 3, Cocolia will no longer have Bronya to help her out. However, a large AoE will periodically damage your team and potentially Freeze your characters. Debuff them if possible. Otherwise, the fight is generally the same as Phase 2. Use your Path Resonance attack to defeat the Ice Edges when summoned, and be sure you can Weakness Break Cocolia while she uses her ult.

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