How to beat Ibis in Armored Core 6

How to beat Ibis in Armored Core 6

Ibis, the battle that FromSoftware put in to make people want to go out, buy a physical copy of the game, and smash it into small pieces. It is the fast, huge damage, stagger mech of the game, and it will absolutely make you rage quit. Already, there are tons of players out there smashing themselves to dust against it, trying their best to finish the battle. You may have seen people one-tapping it with melee and thought to yourself, doesn’t seem too hard. How wrong you are. However, there are a few tactics and builds you can try to make things a little easier in your Armored Core fight against Ibis.

How to beat Ibis in Armored Core 6

You can’t. Give up and go back to Animal Crossing.

Armored Core build

How to beat Ibis in Armored Core 6

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So there are a lot of opinions out there. I have seen someone destroy Ibis with only Pile Bunkers and do it in less than a minute, but we are mere mortals, and we need tactics that can be played with mortals’ reactions.

Go for dual Gattling Guns and dual Songbirds on your shoulders in Armored Core 6. Ibis is fast and is going to take some serious work to get to the stagger stage. The Gattling Guns will do a better job of tracking than most weapons. However, I have also seen people recommending the LR-037 HARRIS Linear Rifle, too, due to its huge stagger.

As for the build, go for high AP and some good movement. The lightweight tank tracks were my choice against Ibis in Armored Core 6. I actually sported them pretty much since I unlocked them; I found they were the perfect combination of speed and AP.

Ibis tactics

First things first, I have mentioned it before in a previous article, but using a Mouse and Keyboard is actually a bit of a disadvantage here. Every time you move the mouse, you will lose lock-on. Some people even suggest playing with the mouse held upside down. A controller is your friend and will help you stay locked on when Ibis blasts its Armored Core around the arena. If this isn’t possible, then you’re just gonna have to ‘Git Gud’.

With the Gattling Gun, keep constant pressure on Ibis Armored Core. If you can get your Songbird grenades off early in the stagger meter, the better. You need to preserve your heavy ammo for when it is knocked down. With the Songbird shots, space them out. They may miss if they’re fired together, but two is less likely.

Constantly move and strafe. Staying in one place will not only have you picked off in seconds but also make your aim much less effective. You need to fill the air with those Gattling guns. Notice when Ibis has just made the bigger attacks with its Armored Core and uses these openings to attack. You can take breathers when it is in its attack phase to reload and keep on top of evasion.

How to beat Ibis in Armored Core 6

Screenshot Via FromSoftware

Ibis phases

The Ibit Armored Core has two phases, both with different attacks to look out for.

Phase 1

Laser Beam – This is telegraphed by a charging phase. If you’re quick enough, you can let off a few shots before having to dodge, but make sure you dodge. Stay distant.

Laser Slashes – Don’t even attempt an attack during this stage. The verticle slashes will delete your whole Armored Core AP, so just focus on dashing away until it is over.

Phase 2

Spinning Swords – A whirlwind of destruction. Get far out of the way. Distance is key here.

Manta Ray – This is a long telegraph and only really exists on the ground, so when you see Ibis preparing her Armored Core, boost up and stay above. This is a great opportunity to get some shots in.


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