Should you play Armored Core 6 with a controller or Mouse and Keyboard?

Should you play Armored Core 6 with a controller or Mouse and Keyboard?

The endless debates will always rage on in video games. PC vs. Console, Xbox vs. PlayStation, resolution or frames per second. Nobody will ever have the definitive answer because it’s all down to personal preference. I’m an avid PC gamer, but I still really miss being able to sit back on a couch and play games on a TV. However, I much prefer the controller layout of a mouse and keyboard, and the performance I get from a PC far outstrips anything I ever got with a console. However, now that Armored Core 6 has come out, I am faced with a dilemma. Armored Core 6 is made by a company that usually specializes in console releases, so is it tailored for controller playing, or can I get away with my mouse and keyboard?

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Controller or Mouse and Keyboard?

Should you play Armored Core 6 with a controller or Mouse and Keyboard?

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Now I am an avid fan of the mouse and keyboard, and yet, in some games, I will opt for the controller option. I find third-person games, especially ones with large control layouts, are best played with a controller. Now, it pains me to say, as someone who completed Armored Core 6 on a mouse and keyboard, that it is actually easier with a controller.

The game lends itself to being able to use the triggers and buffers for your two arms and shoulder weapons. The fast sideways dashing and perfect precision needed to dodge in a game with no I frames is much better with two joysticks. There was just something a little clunky about having to use all my keys to activate everything on my mech.

FromSoftware has always made their games for PlayStation initially, and this just shows through in their games. Elden Ring was similar in its difficulty to play with a mouse and keyboard. If you’re about to start out your adventures in Armored Core 6, I would just opt for a controller from the beginning. It’ll stop you from getting used to a mouse and keyboard.

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