How to complete the Offering event in Destiny 2
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How to complete the Offering event in Destiny 2

Easy rewards up for grabs.

The Pale Heart is littered with tasks and events, some of which are easier to beat than others. If you’re struggling, here’s how to complete the Offering event in Destiny 2.

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What is the Offering event in Destiny 2: The Final Shape

The Offering event is one of the many ways to increase your Overthrow level in the Pale Heart.

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You can start the event by interacting with one of these Offering chests (pictured above). When the event begins, you’ll see a ball of light with a tail floating nearby. Go toward it and try to head in the direction the tail is pointing. If you do this correctly, another ball of light will appear before you, indicating a new direction to travel.

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Once you’ve repeated the process several times, you’ll find an orange target (pictured above). Destroy it, and the Offering chest you started the event with can be opened.

Make sure to claim your reward, as you’ll receive at least 250 points toward the area’s Overthrow level and will often earn an Epic rarity item for your trouble.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

This event can be confusing as you’d expect the ball to indicate your travel direction instead of the tail. Regardless, if you get lost, backtrack to the previous ball of light and closely follow its direction.

Unlike the Memory Visages, which are prone to bugs, I’ve not had any issues with the Offering event, so it should work every time.

Is the Offering event worth doing in Destiny 2?

The Offering event is quick and easy and is an excellent way to build up your Overthrow level. As the event is so straightforward, it’s absolutely worth doing. Some events, like the Stitching event, are much easier with a teammate. You shouldn’t have any issues as a solo player, and enemy resistance is normally pretty manageable.

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