How To Craft An Ultimate Sphere
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How to craft an Ultimate Sphere in Palworld

The best Sphere yet.

The new Sphere type in Palworld is the Ultimate Sphere which is the most powerful Sphere yet, so how can you craft it? If you want the best chances at catching any Pal you want, continue reading.

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Palworld: How to craft an Ultimate Sphere

Introduced with the Palworld Sakurajima update, there’s now a new Pal Sphere with an increased capture rate. Meet the Ultimate Sphere, and blueish-purple Sphere that you can only unlock in the later-game. You can craft an Ultimate Sphere in Palworld by unlocking the recipe at Technology Level 51.

Once you reach this level, you’ll gain the ability to spend five Technology Points on unlocking the Ultimate Sphere crafting recipe. You can craft the Ultimate Sphere through a Sphere Assembly Line II. Here are the required crafting materials for an Ultimate Sphere:

  • x20 Paldium Fragment
  • x10 Pal Metal Ingot
  • x5 Carbon Fiber
  • x1 Plasteel
How To Craft An Ultimate Sphere Assembly Line
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Paldium Fragments are easily obtained all over the open world by smashing blue Paldium rocks. Then there’s Pal Metal, which is an alloy made in an Electric Furnace consisting of Ore and Paldium Fragments. Carbon Fiber is a material you can craft at any Production Assembly Line, and Plasteel is a new metal introduced in this update that can be created using Crude Oil, Paldium Fragments, and Ore in an Electric Furnace.

With a Capture Power of 43, you should have no trouble whatsoever catching any Pal you want. You can expect to be able to catch Pals that are at least over Level 50, maybe even up to Level 55. Because of how precious Ultimate Spheres will be to craft, you don’t want to waste it on any old Pal. Make sure to keep it for a Pal that’s at least over Level 50. Also, remember to knock down the Pal’s health quite a bit before throwing your Ultimate Sphere at it since it’ll improve your chances of capturing it.

Now that you know how to craft Ultimate Spheres, what about all the new weapons and armor from the Sakurajima update?

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