How to get Pal Metal in Palworld

Pal Metal Ingot In Palworld
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Pal Metal is a resource that you’ll unlock in the Palworld endgame for truly the best equipment you can craft so far. That does mean that it comes with its cost, however. Here’s how to get Pal Metal in Palworld.

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Unlocking Pal Metal in Palworld

You may notice that Pal Metal is not something you can unlock in the Technology Tree. This is because it comes unlocked with the Electric Furnace, like Reinforced Ingots, or regular Ingots.

The Electric Furnace costs 5 Technology Points, and needs a lot of materials to build. You’ll need:

  • 50 Refined Ingots
  • 10 Circuit Boards
  • 20 Polymers
  • 20 Carbon Fiber

That’s quite the shopping list. By this point in the game, however, you should have abundant means of acquiring all of these resources. Pure Quarts, Coal, High Quality Pal Oil, and Ore are the resources you’ll need. It’ll be worth stacking up on them one at a time to be able to quickly craft and refine everything you need simultaneously.

Best Pure Quartz mining base location in Palworld
Screenshot: PC Invasion

You’ll want some Pals with high Handiwork and high Kindling to get these out quickly.

With the Electric Furnace built you can now refine as much Pal Metal as you want, each one costing four Ore and two Paldium Fragments. By now, you should be used to the grind, and would preferably have a base surrounding the acquisition of Ore.

Best way to farm Pal Metal in Palworld

The most efficient way to make tonnes of Pal Metal in Palworld is by running two large operations. One for Ore and one for Paldium Fragments.

You can check out the best places to build a base for Ore and Stone, as you’ll need an abundance of both. As your Pals gather mounds of Ore and Stone, you’ll need to put the Crusher to work straight away to produce as many Paldium Fragments from the spare Stone as possible.

Palworld Ore Mining Spot
Screenshot: PC Invasion

In your base, having a highly skilled Watering Pal, such as Jormuntide, Suzaku Aqua, or Elphidran, assigned to the Crusher permanently will boost your Paldium Fragment gains to be through the roof. Note that you will need to keep repeating the order for the Crusher, so assign as much as possible every time.

With all of your Ore and Paldium Fragments, get an Electric Furnace or two to refine both of those resources into Pal Metal Fragments. They each take a while to refine, so get your best Pals on the job.

Having a Flame Cauldron to boost the work speed of Kindling Pals will help, as well as enhance your Kindling Pals’ work speed through the Statue of Power. Also, having an Incineram assigned to the base to keep Kindling through the night may be wise.

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