How to create an adhesive farm in Starfield

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Ah, the elusive adhesive. Whether it’s Fallout 4 or Starfield, you always need it, but you never seem to have enough of it. That’s because adhesive is one of the most important and widely used items in crafting out there among the vast open-world RPG of Starfield. For one, you need it extensively for crafting scopes, magazines, and many other upgrades for your weapons, as well as in many of the shielding for spacesuits and even some furniture if you feel like it.

In this guide, we’re going to focus on how to literally “farm” adhesive. We’ll be going through how to set up a farm on an outpost that will constantly produce a steady supply of adhesive for you while you’re out there enjoying space travel. There’s not going to be any guidance on where and who to buy adhesive from by using credits as we’ve already covered that. No sir, we’re gonna learn to make our own home-grown, pure-bred, Gagarinian adhesive! Follow along to learn step by step exactly how to open up your own adhesive farm in Starfield:

Note: If you want to go the money route, check out our guide on how to farm credits in Starfield.

Starfield – How to farm adhesive

The most cost-effective way to get adhesive is to farm it. It doesn’t take a lot of time or a lot of money since you just need a few things to get started. And neat fact, adhesive from natural sources weigh less than store-bought so you can carry a whole lot of them. This way you can get adhesive sufficiently early in the game which will ensure you have bundles of it once you’re pretty down the storyline.

First and foremost, there are some prerequisites we need to fulfill before farming:

  • Botany level 1 to build the greenhouse needed for this farm.
  • A suitable planet. Any planet with swamps or deserts that get inhabited by sweetwater cactus, the main source of easy adhesives, will do. The planet Gagarin in Alpha Centauri is a good choice.
  • You’re going to need to build a greenhouse, extractor, and wind turbine, so best to scavenge for some materials first.
Map of Alpha Centauri in Starfield

Screenshot: PC Invasion

How to get started with adhesive farming


  • Find some sweetwater cactus in the swamp areas of Gagarin and scan enough until you reach 100%.
  • Set up an outpost beacon on the same planet you found adhesive, in this case, Gagarin, and craft a greenhouse and a water vapor extractor. Hook it up to a wind turbine so it receives power.
Starfield player placing an Outpost Beacon in first-person

Screenshot: PC Invasion

  • Now, use outpost links to link all the buildings together. Link the extractor to the greenhouse and link the greenhouse to a solid storage module.
  • Once all that’s done, simply walk up to the screen at the door of the greenhouse so you can set its output in a menu, and set it to adhesive. And that’s it. Your greenhouse will now farm adhesive for you.
Futuristic Green House in Starfield Outpost

Screenshot: PC Invasion

And that’s all there is to it! Whenever you require some adhesive, just pop over to Gagarin and fill up on however much you need.

Starfield is available for Xbox and PC.

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