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How to farm credits fast in Starfield

The get-rich-quick scam that actually works.

If you’ve played any RPG in the past, you probably understand that money has an important role. It can allow you to do things such as get better gear, bribe an NPC, and more. Bethesda’s latest title Starfield is quite the same. Having deep pockets means you’re able to experience more of the game. To have wealth, you have to do a lot of things — most can be time-consuming and take you away from the actual game. Thankfully, Starfield gives us tons of options to get rich quickly with a sea of Credits. This guide will show you how to farm Credits fast in Starfield so you can potentially buy something like property in the game. So, let’s begin!

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How to farm Credits fast 

As mentioned, there are many ways to do this. The following methods are probably the easiest ways I’ve found. They are:

  • Sell extra items
  • Do faction missions
  • Unlock and level Scavenging skills
  • Acquire the Commerce Skill
  • Raid ships
  • Loot fallen enemies
  • Visit the Mission Board
  • Use a cheat (This may break the achievements. You’ve been warned!)

Some of these options are easier than others; for example, if you get the Commerce Skill and level it up, you can sell something for 10 percent more than it’s worth. There’s also the Scavenging skills, which can increase the loot and Credits you find.

Then, on the harder side, you can raid ships. This can be done numerous times, just disable the ship during space combat and board it. Upon entering the ship, fight the crew and obtain any loot. The amount of credits varies from ship to ship, but it will be high. This is my favorite thing to do since you can get rich quicker this way.

How To Farm Credits In Starfield

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In most spaceports in any major location, you can view the Mission Board. They’re great for many reasons, such as earning rare gear, experience points, and, of course, earning quite a few Credits at once. You can also take on some Constellation missions at the terminal in the Lodge basement. However, based on the difficulty, some may reward you with more Credits than others. So, do some reading before attempting each mission.

Faction missions are also great to farm for Credits. While all of them will reward you with different amounts, you will always get a high number of Credits. So, try going back and forth between the main campaign and the Faction missions for maximum output. Otherwise, there are always cheats, but this will disable achievements. If you’re an achievement hunter, I’d avoid this method.

Since Starfield has a slow introduction and takes some time to get used to, the best way to utilize these moments is by farming. Just like any Bethesda game, the earlier you get more resources, the more you can do as the sci-fi epic progresses. On top of that, the game has a 20-hour-long runtime for the campaign, so farming can be a great way to extend that and see more of the universe

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