How to defeat the Shieldbearer in Witchfire

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The Astronauts have done it again with their new game Witchfire. The challenging and incredibly rewarding rogue-lite pushes your gunplay and mobility skills to the limit. Dodging and blasting your way around maps full of Lovecraftian horrors has never felt so good. As you reach the end of the first chapter, it is time to kill the witches’ first familiar. However, the Shieldbearer can pose quite a challenge in Witchfire, so here’s how to defeat it.

How to defeat Shieldbearer Boss in Witchfire

Stamina is key here, as is having a broad range of both short-range and long-range weapons. The Shieldbearer in Witchfire likes to jump around the map and keep you on your toes.

Whitchfire weapons and spells

How to defeat Shieldbearer Boss in Witchfire

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This is an early-game enemy, so you will only be able to use some of the first weapons in the game. The best choice for me I found was both the Midas and the Hailstorm. This will give you domination both at close to mid-range and at a distance. If you can get them both upgraded, you will find the fight much easier. Pack the Demonic Crossbow for the huge hits.

For the spells, I went for Iron Cross. It has great AoE and will help thin the hordes the Shieldbearer likes to call in during the Witchfire fight.

Witchfire Shieldbearer technique

The Shieldbearer likes to dash backward and forward, constantly changing how you have to attack. For the most part, you will be fighting at mid-range with your Midas assault rifle. Try to stay out of melee distance, as this is where Shieldbearer will cause you damage in Witchfire.

When Shieldbreak jumps away, swap out to your sniper rifle, and clip a few shots before having to dash from his lunging strike.

Once the Shieldbearer summons the hordes, do your best to just stay out of their way. They’re pretty slow and can be avoided. However, at half health, Shieldbearer drops a shield. It is time to pop the Iron Cross. This will get rid of the hordes and let you really empty your clips into the boss.

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