How to speed up research time in Witchfire

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Rougelike games are becoming more mainstream and for good reason. Having things like addictive gameplay loops has made players such as myself keep coming back for more. It’s the reason why Hades 2 is one of our most anticipated games. However, to hold us over till that game comes out, Witchfire looks like it could fill the void. It’s a promising thing for the roguelike shooter because there’s so much that it offers. One of the elements that make Witchfire a great game is how strong you can become in the loop. This is done by getting more spells, weapons, and other attributes. To get more gear, you must research them, and each item you acquire has research time that you need to wait for. This guide will show you how to speed up research time in Witchfire so you can outperform the hordes of enemies. 

Witchfire: How to speed up research time

As soon as you’re around level three or four, you access the workshop via the mirror in the Sanctuary. This is where you can get more gear and spells by research. As you select the item you want, you’ll see the amount of time needed to be researched. To bring the counter down to zero, head back out into an expedition and do the many objectives you can. This can be things like taking down enemies in dangerous or highly dangerous zones. If you have gold, you can also spend it to complete the research time in one go

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To get the most out of the mirror, it’s a good idea to have two research items going on at the same time. However, the maximum number of items that can be researched at the same time is two. I’ve found you can get both items in a single run because you’ll unknowingly finish objectives. When you go back, you’ll have a couple of pieces of gear waiting for you. As soon as you get new tools, Witchfire becomes tangible. 

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Witchfire is available now in early access via Epic Games.

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