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Securement Silo – Stigma walkthrough in Once Human

That's one weird playroom.

If you’re looking to get some sweet loot like Energy Link and Stardust in Once Human, running through the various Securement Silos is one of the best ways. These dungeons in the game don’t pose too much of a challenge and can be completed solo or with a team. Currently, there are 4 of them on the map.

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Where to find Securement Silo – Stigma

This is one of the first Securement Silos you should head to in Once Human. I would recommend being around level 15 before attempting it. Of course, if you’re heading in with a few friends, you could easily get through it at a lower level. You will find this Securement Silo to the North East of the Broken Delta region on the Once Human map. I found the easiest way to access it is via the High Bank teleportation tower. Head west from there.

Once Human Securement Silo Stigma
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How to clear Securement Silo – Stigma

As I mentioned, make sure you’re around level 15 in Once Human before you head into Securement Silo Stigma. Ensure you have enough healing items and ammo to kill a significant amount of enemies. Arm yourself well, and head in.

  • Make your way down the stairs at the entrance until you find yourself in the main room. You will be attacked from all sides by enemies. Utilize the barrels around the room to take down more distant enemies. Be aware that they will place turrets and use attack drones.
All Securement Silos locations and how to clear them in Once Human
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  • Clear the enemies in the first room and head to the room opposite. Clear the one or two Once Human enemies in the Securement Silos area, and be aware of the turret placed on top of a shelf on the left. Then, take a right into the corridor.
  • At the end of this corridor, on the right, you will meet two more guards at the door. Kill them and access the room behind them. It will contain a weapons crate. Loot what you want from this area and turn back around to the corridor.
  • After a few steps, you will notice an entrance to some vents on the right. Crouch into these and walk through until you find a ladder. It is a simple area, not mazelike. Now, climb the ladder into the next room.
  • Clear this room of enemies and head to the structure in the center. Climb the stairs on the side and head along the platform into the next room.
Securement Silo Stigma Once Human
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  • Here, you will find a few enemies, including the Securement Silo Stigma boss. So, before you engage, I recommend picking up a barrel and launching it at Lieutenant Dave, the mini-boss standing in the middle. Then, work through his minions. Clear this room, including the Securement Silo Stigma mini-boss, to progress in Once Human. Collect your loot from this encounter from just behind where Lieutenant Dave was standing. Get that lovely Energy Link and Stardust loot.
  • Now, this could be the end of the Securement Silo, but there is also another hidden boss in the Children’s Playroom. This room is accessed with the Stigma V3 Access Card, which has a chance of dropping from one of the level’s enemies.
  • Head back to the room with the structure in the center that gave you access to this final room. In this area, you will notice an elevator door on the far side. You can access a panel with the V3 Stigma Securement Silo Card to fight an optional Once Human boss. Once you have defeated this, the Securement Silo is completed.

How to Defeat Shepherd

Once you have accessed the optional room in Securement Silo Stigma, head to the jack in the box in the main room and activate the boss with the jack in the box crank located right next to it. This boss battle will consist of waves of ADS coming towards you and, finally, the mini-boss.

Securement Silo Stigma Once Human
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Most of the ADS are what you would expect. They will spawn from the slide tubes on the opposite side of the map, so hold your ground by the jack in a box. If you have one, use a turret in the middle of the room. Finally, the boss will arrive. It can levitate but moves slowly. Move around the room, using the various toys as cover, picking off health as you go.

Once you have killed the secret boss of Securement Silo Stigma, the dungeon is completed, and you can move on in Once Human.

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