How to get disassembled materials in Once Human — list
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How to get disassembled materials in Once Human — list

Cash in the attic.

Getting ahead in any survival game is going to come down to resource collecting. So, here is how you can collect disassembled materials in Once Human and all the items that come from the process.

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How to start disassembling items

Before you can collect disassembled items in Once Human, you need a machine that can perform the process. This relatively early-game machine turns junk and unwanted items into disassembled items.

Build your Disassembly Bench in Once Human

Your disassembly Bench is in your construction menu. To access it, bring up the B button in your base, navigate to the Facilities tab, and then Crafting. This should be the first option on the Facilities tab.

How to get disassembled materials in Once Human — list
Image: PC Invasion

You will need 20 Gravel which can be collected from any of the rocks or ore deposits around the map. You will also need 10 Copper Ingots which must be refined from Copper ore found at the Copper deposits around the map. They are abundant in the starting area and you can spot them by their orangy appearance. Pop the Copper ore in your furnace, along with some charcoal to refine it to ingots.

Once you have the necessary materials, find a suitable place to place your disassembly machine, and you should be ready to start creating disassembled items in Once Human.

Find items to disassemble in Once Human

It is possible to disassemble pretty much anything you have in your inventory. This will often result in most of what you used to construct it being returned. However, you should only really be making disassembled items from stuff you no longer need in Once Human. I use the disassembler to break down redundant items like old tools and wearable gear.

How to get disassembled materials in Once Human — list
Image: PC Invasion

The real use for this machine is for disassembling the junk items you find around the Once Human map. I have found a huge number of different items, from teddy bears to old toasters. You should grab all of these if you have the inventory space, as most of the items you can acquire from them can only be sourced this way. The disassembly machine will have a section that is labeled Junk. This is how you know what you can turn to disassembled items and what to keep in Once Human.

Then, bring your junk back to your base and throw it all through the disassembler. The only piece of junk you will need to keep is one single teddy bear. It will be used for a puzzle later in the game. Teddy bears are easy to find, so if you have scrapped one, never fear. I find them all the time.

A list of disassembled items

A lot of the materials can only be acquired from the various machines you will construct n Once Human. Disassembled items are one of these. Here are all the ones you can only get through disassembling junk.

  • Metal Scraps
  • Electronics Accessory
  • Adhesive
  • Rubber
  • Shabby Fabric
  • Cotton Fabric
  • Carbon Fiber Fabric
  • Rusted Parts
  • Standard Parts
  • Refined Parts
  • Waste Plastic
  • All-Purpose Plastic
  • Fireproof Plastic

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