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How to find and use Ancient Scrolls in Dark and Darker

I can't even read.

Wow, you just picked up an Ancient Scroll in Dark and Darker. It has to do something because it takes up so much space, right?

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What does the Ancient Scroll do in Dark and Darker

Nothing. Currently, the Ancient Scroll serves absolutely no purpose in the game other than being sold to the merchant. Extracting with this massive sheaf of paper will net you a measly three gold when sold, so, right now, I wouldn’t bother. There are many more useful things you could put in your six inventory slots.

The only real reason to collect them at the moment is if you just happen to have the space left over and have nothing better to fill the space. The Ancient Scroll will take up a lot of space in Dark and Darker and not result in much.

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However, due to the item being so rare and taking so much room, I won’t be surprised if some use is attributed to it later on in development. So, although they’re useless now, they might be worth something soon. The fact that there are varying rarities given to the Ancient Scroll implies that there may be a use for them later down the line.

If you want to store them, just in case they pay dividends, it is always worth keeping one or two rarer ones. You never know; they may be worth a fortune one day, just like those Beenie Babies you kept in the attic all those years.

Where to find the Ancient Scroll

Even after reading all that, you still want to find an Ancient Scroll? Okay then, waste your time, you scroll nerd. You will mostly find the Ancient Scrolls located in chests around the map of Dark and Darker. Dig around in enough of them, and you will eventually pick one up. They come in varying rarity. Only take them to an exit if you have nothing else, though.

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