How to Fix ‘Connecting to your Account’ Issue in Minecraft Legends

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Minecraft Legends can be fun to play — if it works. Just like any other game at launch, Minecraft Legends has been hit with some issues. Fortunately, these problems are not game-breaking nor a massive concern. One issue that’s been popping up is when players try to connect their accounts and log in, and the game doesn’t recognize that. This guide should show you how to fix ‘Connecting to your Account’ issue in Minecraft Legends so you can get back to playing with friends or doing the many events.

Minecraft Legends: How to fix ‘Connecting to your Account’ issue

While there’s no real solution at the time of writing this, the best course of action is just by rebooting the game. This could clear up the issue because when you reboot Minecraft Legends, everything resets. If that does not help, you could try to reinstall the game and log back in. This may seem like a pain, but thankfully, Minecraft Legends doesn’t have a large install file. So, this may resolve the issue for good rather than rebooting. But try this step after you’ve done everything above.

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Is ‘Connecting to your Account’ a serious issue?

This doesn’t seem to be a player-wide issue at the moment but, if it does become a larger problem, it’s on the game’s side. This would mean, you’d just need to wait it out till the servers become more stable, or when there’s a permanent fix given out by the developers. It could be a long-term problem since Minecraft Legends is an online game, but if you are playing the game at launch, you may have an increased chance of running into these issues.

However, while these issues are appearing now, they may also show up in the future. If you use this guide, you may alleviate the stress that comes with these problems.

Minecraft Legends is available now via Xbox Game Pass.

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