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How to get all Black Ops 6 rewards in Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) and Warzone

Get ready for Black Ops 6 the right way.

In Warzone, four new challenges have silently appeared that offer rewards related to Black Ops 6. They’re rather cryptic, and the community have only figured out how to complete one of them so far.

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All Black Ops 6 challenges and rewards in Warzone

The four Black Ops 6 challenges for Warzone wille each give you a different reward. However, only one seems possible to complete, at least for now.

Here are all the challenges with how to complete them, if they’ve been figured out yet.

How to get an operator kill with an Old Friend in Warzone

This challenge is rather simple to complete, which is strange considering how mysterious the others are. Those who are familiar with Black Ops will know Sally, the handgun. This has been available as a find in Warzone for a while although it’s become more common.

Warzone Sally
Screenshot: PC Invasion

To complete the challenge, you need to simply get a player kill with Sally.

The moment you do that, you’ll be awarded the Sally blueprint.

How to discover an intel to discover the mole in Warzone

This second challenge is incredibly cryptic, and no one knows how to complete it. Strangely, this seems very tied to the packages that numerous Modern Warfare 3 creators received.

Truth Lies Warzone
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The content in the packages that these creators have received varies, from documents to VHS tapes. The phrase “alert mole hunt” was an encoded message that some of them received also, tying the package content to this challenge.

Until this content is released, we won’t be able to complete this challenge, it seems.

Upon completing this challenge, you’ll receive The Truth Lies calling card.

How to complete She Never Let Me Down in Warzone

This is another challenge where the Warzone community is completely puzzled. Unfortunately, there aren’t even any clues to go on.

Purge Sequence Warzone
Screenshot: PC Invasion

That being said, the title of this challenge is almost the same as the challenge name for getting a kill with Sally, the Old Friend “She Never Lets Me Down.” So it appears that this challenge will have something to do with Sally.

Upon completion of this challenge, you’ll be awarded the Purge Sequence calling card.

How to gain the Exclusive Execution in Warzone

This challenge in Warzone is a strange one, as the community has split opinions over how it could be completed. Especially as this one needs to be done three times for completion, unlike all the others.

Some players believe that you need to find a specific execution and perform it three times. Others, however, state that this is a master challenge that tracks the progress of the three other challenges, and awards you for completing them all.

I believe the latter argument, as there is communal evidence to back this up, although it could be a huge coincidence.

Upon completion of this challenge, it looks as though you’ll instantly gain a new execution.

As more is revealed, discussed, and uncovered about these Black Ops 6 challenges in Warzone, I’ll be sure to update this piece.

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