How to find Loot Hot Zones in Call of Duty Warzone
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How to find Loot Hot Zones in Call of Duty Warzone

... What's so hot about them?

Powerful loot can be the decider between who returns to the lobby and who wins the entire match. Great guns win games, so here’s how to find Loot Hot Zones in Call of Duty Warzone.

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What is a Loot Hot Zone in Call of Duty Warzone?

Loot Hot Zones are a new addition to Warzone for Season 4. Regular Points of Interest can be marked as Loot Hot Zones, which house higher-tier loot than usual

A recent official Call of Duty blog made it sound like Loot Hot Zones would function similarly to Fortnite’s Hot Drops. These Hot Drops are visible on the map to all players from the start of the match, and players must decide if they want to fight for those decent guns.

Oddly enough, Loot Hot Zones appear at random across Urzikstan. There’s decent loot in high-tier chests, but it won’t be a hotbed for PvP as the zone isn’t declared beforehand.

During the mid-season update, you’ll be able to find weapons with ten attachments in these areas, so they are worth looting if you stumble across one.

Where to find Loot Hot Zones in Warzone

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As mentioned, Loot Hot Zones seem pretty random, so you can’t target or plan for them to appear. If you really want to find a Loot Hot Zone, your best bet is to get in a vehicle and drive around the map until you hit one. Alternatively, you can use balloons to hit multiple POI’s quickly.

These zones may become more visible during the mid-season update. The 10-attachment guns they will house are a big deal, but we will have to see.

Are Loot Hot Zones worth using in Warzone?

Loot Hot Zones are a guaranteed place to scavenge good gear, but it won’t be for everyone. You can expect Loot Hot Zones to be hotly contested and attract the best players in the lobby. 

I believe a loadout you’ve created will always beat most of the loot you’ll find on the map. With this in mind, you may want to prioritize cash to call in your own gear over a random drop.

While you’re exploring the map, make sure to keep an eye out for the Specialist Perk. This game-changing powerup makes you the toughest Operator in the match and is always worth going for.

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