Breathing Styles Demonfall
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How to get all breathing styles in Demonfall

In, and out.

There are a wide variety of challenges in Demonfall that must be completed to find all the breathing styles in Demonfall. Choose wisely, as you can only have one of the styles.

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Where to find all the breathing styles in Demonfall

There are currently 12 breathing styles in Demonfall, and they must all be acquired by completing quests for various NPCs. This list will help you locate them all.

Breathing Styles Demonfall
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Breathing StyleLocationRequirements – Cost to Max
Beast BreathingInosuke – Unnamed VillageComplete Tasks – 10 Skill Points
Insect BreathingInsect Trainer Shinobu at the Demon Slayer Corps on top of the Inn10,000 Yen – 9 Skill Points
Mist BreathingMist Trainer, Tokito in the Frosty ForestPay 2,000 Yen, compete a task
Moon BreathingTalk to Kokushibo in Frosty ForestBe a Hybrid – 33 Skill Points
Sun BreathingSpeak to Tanjiro. located in the Coast ForestPrestige 1 and level 50 – 43 Skill Points
Thunder BreathingSpeak to Kujima at the left of Coast Forest2 Tasks – 12 Skill Points
Sound BreathingSpeak to Tengen Uzui at Slayer Corps 2 Tasks – 17 Skill Points
Water BreathingSpeak to Water Trainer Urokodaki in Coast Forest2,000 Yen and 2 Tasks – 12 Skill Points
Wind BreathingSpeak to Grimm in Okuyia Village2 Tasks – 12 Skill Points
Love BreathingSpeak to Mitsuri Kanroji in White Peak20,000 Yen and 1 Task – 17 Skill Points
Serpent BreathingSpeak to Iguro on the White Peak20,000 Yen and 1 Task – 12 Skill Points
Stone BreathingSpeak to Gyomei at Fall’s Bridge20,000 Yen and 1 Task – 14 Skill Points
Flame BreathingFlame Trainer Rengoku at the top of White Peak2 Tasks – 12 Skill Points

How to change breathing style in Demonfall

All the various styles of breathing in Demonfall take work, and some require a lot of skill points to max out. You need to choose one to focus on, max out, and then move on to another one. Well, if you want to change your Breathing Style in Demonfall.

Breathing Styles Demonfall
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To do this, you need to get yourself a Breathing Indict which can be acquired in four ways. The first method is to simply buy it for 250 Robux from the shop. However, if you don’t want to spend real money, then try the Black Merchant in Okuyia Village and Hayakawa Village. They sell an Unknown Item that has a one in four chance of being the Breath Indict you need to change breathing styles in Demonfall. The other two methods are either trading it or getting it through codes.

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