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Roblox is known for the near-unlimited creative potential it gives players and developers. If you want to embark on your next adventure, then pick one (or all!) of the games on this curated list of the best adventure games on Roblox.

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The best adventure games on Roblox

Fishing Simulator

Fishing Simulator In Roblox
Image via Cloud Entertainment

Fishing Simulator is more than simply a fishing game. On your quest to get fish, you’ll be sailing and traveling to exotic and beautiful islands that are teeming with fish. Yes, you will then be fishing for a while, but the sights and places you’ll go will make you feel like you’re exploring a set of uncharted islands. Having to sail to these islands increases the excitement as you see your target island loom into view. A beautiful game with lots of islands to explore, Fishing Simulator will surely feed that craving.

Arcane Odyssey

Arcane Odyssey In Roblox
Image via vetexgames

Arcane Odyssey is a gorgeous RPG that is brimming with environments to explore and enemies to fight. If you want an action RPG game with lots of places to explore and secrets to discover, then Arcane Odyssey is the game for you. Masterfully crafted, the world to explore consists of a large litany of islands, either hosting developed cities, ancient secrets, or an exotic wild. Where you go will be up to you, and you’ll always be pleasantly surprised. Not only is it a great adventure game, but also an excellent RPG that will have you crafting the build of your dreams to beat any boss and any player.

Dragon Adventure

Dragon Adventure In Roblox
Image via Sonar Studios

Dragon Adventure is a beautiful and wholesome game of raising and flying your dragons. Not only is the world luscious and well-crafted, but also the dragons that you’ll be riding on are beautifully designed, too. You’ll love flying in the sky to look down upon the great forests and other dragons. If you want a simple game where you can see awesome sights on the back of a dragon, check out Dragon Adventure.

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Find the Markers

Find The Markers In Roblox
Image via markers epic memers

Find the Markers is one of the greatest “find the” titles of Roblox. In your quest to find all of the markers, you’ll be taken through many awesome environments. Don’t let the theme of the game fool you, as the settings and places you will go to are truly unprecedented. You will be searching far and wide and solving environmental puzzles to get your hands on them all. And don’t worry, that starting island isn’t all the game has to offer. Just you wait. Find the Markers is a huge recommendation from me.

Scuba Diving at Quill Lake

Scuba Diving At Quill Lake In Roblox
Image via ColonelGraff

Scuba Diving at Quill Lake is a unique exploration game that is exclusively focused on exploration. Quill Lake is large, deep, and gorgeous, and you’ll be looking around for treasures and secrets. The different underwater locations and structures are always a sight to behold. In each of these epic locales is treasure for you to collect and sell for money. Every time you resurface for air, you’ll be diving right back in! With so much to see, you’ll want to get started right away.

Creatures of Sonaria

Creatures Of Sonaria In Roblox
Image via Sonar Studios

Creatures of Sonaria is a wonderfully crafted game where you’ll be roleplaying and surviving as a creature of Sonaria. You will survive the elements and fulfill your needs until you can raise a brood with another player. In this cycle of life and death, you’ll be able to explore the highs and lows of an incredible environment. There is a lot to see, so let yourself get blown away by the beauty of the world!


Islands In Roblox
Image via

Remember Skyblock, that popular Minecraft game? Well, you can play an overhauled version of Skyblock over on Roblox through Islands! Explore all of the awesome sky islands alone or with friends as you gather the things you need to build up your island. Just don’t fall off, and don’t look down. There is plenty to do, and exploring all of the islands is part of the fun!

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Bee Swarm Simulator

Bee Swarm Simulator In Roblox
Image via Onett

Bee Swarm Simulator has a lot for you to do and explore. With lots of awesome environments to discover, you’ll want to be hatching more and more bees to collect more and more honey. Each new location is locked behind a bee gate, so you’ll be using each area to its fullest as you progress. You will not be disappointed with each area you unlock, as Bee Swarm Simulator looks great and is fun to explore. Just be careful of the other insects! Also, say hi to the bears for me.


Vesteria In Roblox
Image via The Vesteria Team

Vesteria is one of those Roblox games that begs the question, “How is a Roblox game this good?” Masterfully crafted with attention poured over every minor detail, Vesteria is a fantastic exploration game. There are so many environments to explore, and all manner of beasts and monsters to defeat. With so many places and settings to explore, you’ll never be bored. Secrets, bosses, and awesome sights are all up for grabs in this amazing Roblox adventure game.

Booga Booga Reborn

Booga Booga Reborn In Roblox
Image via Gang O’ Fries Entertainment

Booga Booga Reborn may sound super silly, but it provides an excellent survival game. Facing off against other survivors as you build your base and gather resources, you’ll be able to explore the awesome world of Booga Booga Reborn. With many ancient secrets and secret locations to discover, you can neglect the survival and base-building elements of the game purely to check out the awesome sights. Travel by land or sea to get to where you want, just be careful of enemies and other players!

I hope you have found what you’re looking for in an adventure game on Roblox. I wonder what you’ll discover! For more Roblox help and guides, look no further than PC Invasion.

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