How To Get And Farm Dreamless Feather In Wuthering Waves
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How to get and farm Dreamless Feather in Wuthering Waves

A rare skill material.

If you’re looking to upgrade skills for certain Resonators that require a Dreamless Feather, how can you get and farm this material in Wuthering Waves? We’ll review how you can get this material for yourself.

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Wuthering Waves: How to get and farm Dreamless Feather

Characters like Rover (Havoc), Taoqi, and Danjin all require Dreamless Feathers to upgrade their Forte/skills. There’s only one problem, you can only get a Dreamless Feather in Wuthering Waves once you’ve beaten Chapter 1 Act 6 of the main story.

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Dreamless Feathers drop from Statue of the Crownless: Heart, who is the final boss of Chapter 1 of the main campaign in Wuthering Waves. Head to the Norfall Barens which is at the northern point of Huanglong to fight Statue of the Crownless: Heart anytime you’d like. Keep in mind that you have a weekly limit of facing off against three bosses for Advanced Skill Materials, as shown in your Guidebook.

This boss is one of those on this short list, alongside Scar and the Bell-Borne Geochelone, but upon beating her you’ll get one Dreamless Feather. Since you’ve also just unlocked the Havoc version of your Rover character, you’ll probably be itching to try them out and upgrade their skills. Fighting the Statue of the Crownless: Heart and obtaining your rewards will require 60 Waveplates as well, so it’s not cheap.

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Luckily, you won’t need to get Dreamless Feathers until Rover is at a much higher level. Dreamless Feathers are very rare materials that will only be required to obtain once you’re upgrading Rover to a very high Forte level. The same goes for characters like Danjin and Taoqi who are Havoc Resonators. I wouldn’t worry too much about getting Dreamless Feathers until you actually require them.

Other than Dreamless Feathers, there are a few other useful materials used for upgrading skills in Wuthering Waves such as the Monument Bell.

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