Wuthering Waves Scar
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All correct Scar answers in Wuthering Waves

What happened to the village?

Wuthering Waves doesn’t give you very many opportunities to change the outcome of a scene, but getting the right answers during your first encounter with Scar makes the encounter much easier.

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You meet Scar in an abandoned village during the Ominous Star quest in Wuthering Waves, and if you weren’t paying attention to the various clues scattered around the environment, then you may not be able to answer his questions correctly. There’s different dialogue depending on your choices in this scene, and choosing the right answers will get you the best outcome.

Should You Attack Scar or Look for Clues in Wuthering Waves?

When Scar sends you to look for clues, you can confront him and choose to attack him. He’ll initially brush you off, but if you’re assertive enough and select the attack option three times, things will get particularly action-packed. If you look for clues, the scene will play out normally and you’ll have to answer Scar’s questions about the fate of the village, the shepherd, and the black lamb.

Wuthering Waves Scar Attack
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If you choose to attack Scar, however, you’ll skip the questions entirely and go straight to the boss battle that comes afterward. The overall story of Wuthering Waves won’t change, though, and there is no penalty for choosing to attack him. It just lets you skip ahead a little bit with some unique dialogue, which is something that some would appreciate.

Wuthering Waves Scar answers, explained

Scar asks you three questions in Wuthering Waves. Here are the answers to each of them.

  • Who was the real culprit behind the diminishing number of lambs?
    • The shepherd.
Wuthering Waves Scar Questions
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  • What price did the lambs pay for their wishes?
    • Their lives.
Wuthering Waves Scar Answer 2
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  • What happened to the black lamb?
    • It was murdered by its flock and the shepherd.
Wuthering Waves Scar Answer 3
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While each question has a correct answer, there is no penalty for answering Scar’s questions incorrectly in Wuthering Waves. The only thing that changes is his dialogue after the answer, but the story will proceed normally no matter what. He’ll be impressed if you make the right choice, though, so choose the right answers for role-playing purposes. The same applies to any further dialogue choice you may encounter throughout the quests in Wuthering Waves.

Wuthering Waves is mainly about combat and exploration, anyway, and there’s plenty to see in the wide-open world of Solaris-3. Shortly after you meet Scar, you’ll be required to raise your Union Level before continuing the main story. This is a great opportunity to get out there and explore, solve puzzles, and collect Echoes so you can start building your dream Wuthering Waves team.

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