How to get and use Heavy Chopper Fuel in DMZ

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In the extraction mode, Warzone 2.0 DMZ, getting out of the match or area of operation is crucial. As part of Season 3, much more was added like rare Golden Skulls. In other words, they’re a lot more rewards to acquire. One of the newest features is the inclusion of the Heavy Chopper. The game features options to extract safely, and the Heavy Chopper is a good alternative to finding an Exfil point. However, if you’re familiar with the battle royal, nothing is a walk in the park. In order to use the chopper, you have to find a specific resource — it’s fuel. It could be a task to locate. If you’re up for a challenge, read this guide on how to get and use Heavy Chopper Fuel in  Warzone 2.0 DMZ.

Warzone 2.0 DMZ: How to get and use Heavy Chopper Fuel

The fuel source is one of the harder-to-find objects in the game, but not impossible. In fact, there’s a Redacted mission centered around it, which could give you clues. If you read the mission objective, you’ll learn that Heavy Chopper Fuel may be found on the train tracks. The areas given are:

  • Rohan Oil
  • Hafid Port
  • Al Malik Airport hanger
  • Under the Sattiq Cave Complex 
  • Cargo train
Warzone Map With Heavy Fuel Locations MarkedHow to get and use Heavy Chopper Fuel in DMZ

Screenshot via PC Invasion

You can find the cargo train by looking at the map, it’ll be a slow-moving object going in one direction.

It’s also important to note that these locations are usually active with other players because they’re rather important spots. So be alert when scouting them.

Once you’ve got the fuel, make your way to a Heavy Chopper, which also may be hard to find. However, players have reported they’ve seen the chopper and the following locations:

  • Hafid Port
  • Ahkdar Village
  • Al Malik Airport
Warzone Map With Heavy Chopper Locations MarkedHow to get and use Heavy Chopper Fuel in DMZ

Screenshot via PC Invasion

Start your search in any of these areas, and the vehicle may appear. After finding it, you’ll be prompted to use the fuel. From there, get in the helicopter, and fly out in any direction out of bounds to complete Exfil.

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