All Gold Skull Locations in DMZ

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As part of the latest season of Warzone 2.0 DMZ, you’ll be tasked with finding Gold Skulls. While some missions are easy to do like searching for dead drops and getting access cards, these golden skulls are some of the rarest items you can get in the game. They’ll require you to hunt far and wide for them. Additionally, unlike other elusive items like the skeleton key, these skulls cannot be crafted. Lucky for you, we have a convenient guide to show you all the Gold Skull locations in DMZ.

Warzone 2.0 DMZ: All the gold skulls locations

Sawah Hotel

This hotel seems to be an ideal place for a golden skull, the only thing you’ll need to find or craft is a skeleton key. First, you want to head to the center of Sawah Village, where the hotel will be located. Once you’ve reached,  head to the top until you make it to rooms 302 and 303. Use your skeleton key to access them. When you’ve entered you should find loot in there, and hopefully, the golden skull will be there.

However, this is all up to chance and may not show up, in that case — do another match.

Call Of Duty Warzone Sawah Hotel Being Marked

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Police Stations

The golden skulls have a higher chance of showing up in these spots, however, there are only three in the Al Mazrah map for DMZ. The first one is located in the Al Sa’id Shopping Center, which is located southeast on the map. The second location is in Al Mazrah City, and you can find this area in the northwest. The police station itself will be in the northeast part of the city. Lastly, head to Mawizeh Marshlands — you can find the police station on the eastern side of the river bank.

Note that police stations are strongholds, so expect a lot of resistance when taking them on.

Call Of Duty Warzone Map With Police Stations Marked

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These are probably the hardest, and most tedious locations to search for the golden skulls. It also doesn’t help that there are so many of them on the map, and spawn randomly. If you come across one, drill into one — and get ready to fight. After you’ve fought off the enemies, and the safe is open, the skull should be in there. So it could be worth your while — or not. If the skull doesn’t appear, head to any other safe location and repeat the steps.

Call Of Duty Warzone Map With The Safes Marked(1)

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