How to get shielded cargo capacity in Starfield

Starfield Lon Anderssen At Red Mile Sells Trader Railstar With Shielded Cargo Capacity
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Starfield lets players assume a variety of roles as part of their extended adventure. They can explore, chase down pirates, or even smuggle rare and sometimes unethical merchandise. However, they’ll need to hide their illicit cargo from the more noble sorts who run scans outside big cities. Here is our guide explaining how to get shielded cargo capacity in Starfield.

Starfield: how to get shielded cargo capacity

Here’s how to get Shielded Cargo Capacity in Starfield:

  1. Travel to The Red Mile on Proxima III
  2. Speak with Lon Anderssen
  3. Select the “I’d like to view and modify my ships” dialogue option
  4. Navigate to the Cargo section
  5. Purchase the 100CM Ballast Shielded Cargo Hold

So, there you are with a stash of body organs in a case you stole from an outpost. You can make good money if you sell it, but first you need to land on a planet. The local authorities have started scanning your ship, and there’s only one way this goes: badly for you. They are sure to notice you have contraband, because you didn’t think to shield your cargo. You pay the fine to avoid jail, and you lose cargo you could have sold for major credits. But you suspect there is a way around that problem in the future, and you’re right. To get shielded cargo capacity that security scans won’t detect, purchase a ship from the Lon Anderssen at the Red Mile.

Starfield Red Mile Mei Expresses Her Displeasure To Lon Anderssen

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The Red Mile is a sketchy establishment on Proxima III in the Proxima system. It is run by a character named Mei Devine, who circulates on the ground floor of the large building you’ll see ahead of you as you first land in the vicinity. She’s difficult to miss, wearing a red dress and intervening in any disputes with local mercenaries and patrons.

When you first enter the Red Mile, you’ll witness one such dispute. Once it ends, the game encourages you to talk to Mei to ‘run the Red Mile.’ The phrase refers to a local sporting event that ends with dead contestants. In the same area, you will find people who like to bet on the outcomes. You can also hire crew for your ships and outposts. Your goal at the moment is to find Lon Anderssen. Wait for Mei to lead you to him and give him a stern talking to. Or, look for him on your own.

Starfield Trader Railstar Comes With Shielded Capacity For Cargo

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Purchasing a ship with shielded cargo capacity from Lon Anderssen

Lon Anderssen occupies a room near the back of the Red Mile building. The miserable man sits behind his desk most of the time. He is known for not caring much about the finer points of his job. Talk to him to access the local Spaceport options. He can repair your ship, or you can use Ship Builder, or make upgrades to your ship. He also offers a selection of ships to purchase.

The Trader Railstar ship comes with 160 Shielded Capacity for cargo. It costs 86686 credits by default. None of the other vessels at the port seem to have that feature. In addition, the Razorleaf ship I acquired at the end of the optional Mantis mission also has shielded cargo capacity.

Starfield is available to purchase on Steam and the Microsoft Store.

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