How to upgrade your ship in Starfield

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You’ll see a lot of different planets and cities in Starfield. And in between those adventures, you’ll probably fight in a lot of battles among the stars. Your journey will progress most smoothly if you don’t stick to the first ship you receive in the game’s opening moments. You can acquire different ships and outfit them with gear that gives them a better survival rate. Here is our guide explaining how to upgrade your ship in Starfield.

Starfield – how to upgrade your ship

Early in your adventure, you go from working as a member of a mining crew to defending an important person from pirates. After that introduction, you find yourself piloting the Frontier. This speedy little ship has room for a small crew and a reasonable assortment of weapons. You’ll probably use it for a good while before you’re ready to explore new options. Once you’re ready to upgrade your ship, meet with a Ship Services Technician.

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The first Ship Services Technician is in New Atlantis. You’ll find him near the edge of the Mast District, at the top of a ramp. He stands next to a kiosk where you can sell items from your ship’s inventory or from your cargo hold.

Getting to know your local Ship Services Technician

When you talk to the Ship Services Technician, he presents several options. You can pay to make repairs to your ship, view and modify any existing ships, or even see what ships the technician has for sale. He also provides general information to answer other relevant questions you may have.

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New ships tend to be expensive. That’s especially true early in the game when you haven’t found ways to quickly amass credits. For example, the Galileo (pictured above) costs 122,662 credits. Because of the cost involved, I went with ships the game provided me during my early hours. Sometimes, you can get a new ship just by completing a mission. That’s how I acquired the UC Prison Shuttle, for instance. You can also figure out how to steal ships, but then you have to pay to register them.

If you would prefer not to invest heavily in a new vessel, upgrade a ship you already own. You are able to purchase different grades of part by category, including weapons, shields, and engine. This is a terrific way to get more life out of a favorite ship. Not every ship supports all categories. Once you own multiple ships, you can change which ship you are currently piloting by visiting the Ship Services Technician. Different ships are better suited for different scenarios.

Starfield is available to purchase on Steam and the Microsoft Store.

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