How to get the Cenotaph Mask Exotic Warlock Helmet in Destiny 2: Season of the Deep

Destiny 2 Cenotaph Mask
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Cenotaph Mask is the new Exotic Warlock Helmet introduced in Destiny 2 Season of the Deep. This Helmet is exclusive to Warlocks and only acquired through a particular method. Here is how to get Cenotaph Mask in Destiny 2.

Note: If you want to know what each new Season of the Deep Exotic is, check out the guide I wrote at Attack of the Fanboy.

What is the Cenotaph Mask in Destiny 2?

Before you learn how to get the new Destiny 2 Season of the Deep Exotic Warlock Helmet, you first need to know what the Cenotaph Mask does.

Cenotaph Mask has an Exotic perk called High Priority. This perk provides a steady auto-reload to equipped Trace Rifles’ magazines from reserves. When you damage a vehicle, boss, or Champion with a Trace Rifle, you mark them as a target. When an ally assists in defeating the marked target, you generate Special Ammo and your ally generates Heavy Ammo.

In my opinion, Cenotaph Mask is a decent Exotic that could be good in both PvE and PvP. When paired with the right Trace Rifle build, Cenotaph Mask could be a great support Exotic for giving your teammates Heavy Ammo and giving you constant Trace Rifle ammo. It sounds fun, but only time will tell how effective it is.

Destiny 2: How to get Cenotaph Mask

The only way to get Cenotaph Mask is to get lucky soloing a Legendary or Master Lost Sector. One Lost Sector is selected daily to have the Legendary/Master difficulty. This Lost Sector also gains an Exotic loot pool of one specific armor type, like Helmets one day and Arms the next. All you need to do is complete the Lost Sector on Legendary or Master difficulty (which is easier said than done for some Lost Sectors), and you have a chance of getting Cenotaph Mask on Exotic Helmet days.

I use TodayInDestiny to check what Lost Sector is active for that day and what Exotic rewards are on the table. Starting in Season of the Deep, you can now see a Lost sector icon pointing you to where the Legendary and Master Lost Sector is for that day — but you’ll only see this if you’ve completed the Lost Sector previously and it won’t give you information like what Exotics are on offer.

Check your timezone’s Destiny 2 daily reset time and wait for the day that Exotic Helmets are the Exotic loot of the Lost Sector. Then, solo grind the Legendary or Master Lost Sector and pray to the RNG gods that you get Cenotaph Mask with a good roll.

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