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How to Get the Quick Revive Recipe in MW3 Zombies

Some revives coming right up!

Death is not always the end, sometimes you just need a friend to revive you, fast. Here is how to get the Quick Revive recipe in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies.

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MW3 Zombies: How to Get the Quick Revive Recipe

To get the Quick Revive recipe in Modern Warfare 3, you will first have to make your way to Tier 5 of Act I of the Zombies mode. Among the other missions, you will have to complete a quest named “Chaperone”. This is basically an Escort contract in which you will have to complete the following objectives:

  • Complete an Escort Contract.
  • Kill 75 zombies during the Escort Contract.
  • Keep the ACV’s health above 50%.
  • Exfil with the Quick Revive Recipe.

You can start this contract near the Hadiqa Farms. Look for the Tank icon on the map and start the Escort mission. While you can certainly solo this mission you are better off handling it with a party of other Operators.

That way you will be able to position your teammates around the ACV tank. At the same time, you must make sure that no Zombies damage it and that any hordes get distracted by your teammates. Once you have gathered a horde, get rid of it with explosive damage. If you solo this mission, make use of explosive damage and be sure to carry a Pack-a-Punched weapon.

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The Quick Revive perk in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies is a very useful tool – actually, a can of soda – that will allow you to revive your teammates 50% faster. In higher Threat zones you will get completely choked out by zombie hordes and special zombies, making Quick Revive an ideal perk for Operator teams to consume.

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After all, while reviving teammates you are vulnerable to enemy attacks, making speed a much sought-after asset. On top of that, your health regeneration will increase by 50%. That means that you will recover from any damage taken faster than before.

Therefore, being able to craft a can of Quick Revive even before visiting Urzikstan is a great advantage that will ensure your party’s survival.

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Use the Quick Revive perk while playing with friends since you will get the best out of its effects and boosts. However, the Health Generation bonus will also make sure to increase your survivability while doing a solo Zombies run. Either way, consider crafting it to enjoy its benefits!

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