Venture Cute And Pixel Spray Overwatch 2
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How to get Venture’s Cute and Pixel Sprays in Overwatch 2

New Sprays? I can dig that!

Put your excavation skills to the test with Venture to unlock their adorable Cute and Pixel Sprays in Overwatch 2. This guide covers exactly how to complete Venture’s Hero Challenges and unlock their Challenge Sprays, including tips and tricks on how to rock the battlefield as Venture.

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How to unlock Venture’s Cute Spray — Excavation Annihilation Hero Challenge

Venture Cute Spray Overwatch 2
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Excavation Annihilation: Eliminate 3 enemies with a single use of Tectonic Shock.

To unlock Venture’s Cute Spray, you must kill three opponents in one use of their Ultimate Ability, Tectonic Shock, in Quick Play or Competitive. 

Tectonic Shock briefly transforms Venture’s weapon, sending damaging shockwaves along the ground each time primary fire is used. After four uses or seven seconds, their drill returns to normal.

With the ability to sneak into a team fight unharmed by digging and high Ult damage, this challenge is relatively easy to complete. I was able to do this with no problem during Venture’s initial preview, though it’ll become increasingly difficult as more people learn how they work. 

Keep in mind that Tectonic Shock does not damage through shields and will not hit players in the air or on higher ground. Luckily, Venture is a speedy little gremlin and can position themselves for crafty plays.

How to unlock Venture’s Pixel Spray — Pitfall Hero Challenge

Venture Pixel Spray Overwatch 2
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Pitfall: Knock back an enemy to their death with Drill Dash.

To unlock Venture’s Pixel Spray, you need to knock an enemy out of bounds using Venture’s secondary ability, Drill Dash.

Drill Dash launches Venture forward, causing any enemy hit by their drill to fly backward and take damage. Use it to knock an enemy off a high point, such as the edge of a cliff or down the Ilios Well, and you’ll earn their awesome Pixel Spray.

You can use Drill Dash during Burrow, which gives you extra momentum but less control. It doesn’t matter if your Drill Dash also throws Venture off the edge along with your opponent, though! You’ll still unlock the Spray, and I’m sure your teammates will understand.

However, killing an enemy in any way before they fall, such as with a DoT, will not unlock the Spray. Your enemy has to die due to the fall, known as an environmental kill. Your best opportunities will be on Illios via the well, Eichenwald next to the attacker spawn doors and bridge leading up to the final point, and around Lijang Tower

How to find Venture’s Spray Challenges in-game

While Pixel and Cute Spray Challenges for most Overwatch Heroes are in the Achievements tab, Heroes released from August 2023 onward instead have their Spray Challenges displayed in the Hero Challenges tab.

To find your progress with Venture’s Cute or Pixel Challenge, follow these steps:

  • Open the Menu
  • Select Challenges
  • Select the Hero tab
  • Find and select Venture
  • Select General

Unfortunately, earning Venture’s Cute or Pixel Spray will not unlock any Achievements or Trophies on Xbox, PlayStation, or Steam. The last hero to support this was Lifeweaver, and it doesn’t seem like Overwatch 2 will receive any platform Achievements for the foreseeable future.

Along with new Sprays, Season 10 has also introduced Mythic Prisms, which allow players to earn Mythic Hero skins, including the brand-new Vengeance Mercy.

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