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How to increase Stamina and Health in Palworld

Got to bring those numbers up!

Getting hit and hitting can get hard, especially if you are just starting your journey in a creature-collector game. Here is how to increase Stamina and Health in Palworld.

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Palworld: How to increase your character’s stamina and health

Palworld Character Stamina And Health Increase
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Whenever you start with a new character in a new world in Palworld, you will notice that your stats are mediocre at best. Despite this being a monster-hunting game, your character will also engage in battle against the Pals. On lower levels and with no special gear, you will frequently get knocked out. So, if you don’t want to lose all of your weapons, equipment, and inventory, you better increase your stats ASAP.

Thankfully, Palworld makes this very easy as you will gain Stat points to invest whenever you level up your character. Build structures, catch Pals, and do any task in the game to gather XP, and you will then be able to increase your health and stamina. The first one is self-explanatory, with the second one allowing you to expand the time you can swing your weapons and tools, jump, dodge, climb, and sprint. You can also increase your attack, work speed, and the maximum weight you can carry.

How to increase your Pal’s health in Palworld

Palworld Pal Health And Stats Increase
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In the case of your Pals, while there is no such thing as stamina, their health bar will increase as they level up. Assign up to six Pals to your party and do tasks or catch Pals to level your party quickly. You can also build Statues of Power where you can spend Pal Souls to increase some of your Pals’ stats, including their Max HP. This will allow your Pals to have more HP than their average wild counterparts.

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As a rule of thumb, be sure to collect and catch every single Pal you find so you can increase your XP as fast as possible and open each chest you come across in the hopes of finding Pal Souls. This way, you will be able to increase your stamina as well as your (and your Pal’s) health.

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