How to treat Contusions in Starfield

Starfield Doctor Manning Sells Medical Supplies In Neon
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Starfield has more than just space ships and aliens and outposts. It also has status ailments. Given the rough nature of what you’re doing out there in the stars, you may even suffer from them fairly often. Some of the nastier ones are Contusions. Here is our guide telling you how to treat Contusions in Starfield.

Starfield – how to treat Contusions

There you, just minding your own business, tripping across the surface of Mars. Suddenly… BAM! You make one wrong turn and before you know it, you have Contusions. Left untreated, they can be a real problem. Happily, a solution is at hand. To treat Contusions, simply apply a bandage or visit a medical professional.

Starfield Zipper Bandages Treat Contusions

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You may already have a bandage in your inventory that can take care of the issue. Whenever you go exploring, it’s a good idea to take lots of First Aid supplies. But there are a lot of different ailments. To treat contusions, you need something like an Analgesic Poultice or Zipper Bandages. The regular Bandages and Infused Bandages also work.

Typically, you can acquire medical supplies when you visit the local Reliant Medical building. Various merchants may supply what you need, as well. I found the Analgesic Poultice and Zipper Bandages offered at the Trade Authority building in Neon, for instance. The Reliant Medical in that city offered the Bandages, Infused Bandages, and Zipper Bandages. I’ve found more supplies in New Atlantis, where I like to find supplies to treat Lung Damage. Many cities and settlements have different supplies. Check out any available wares whenever you find a new vendor.

If you prefer, you can also pay a doctor to patch you up. The cost is usually 1000 credits to fix everything that ails you, or 400 credits if you only need to fix certain ailments. If you talk to Doctor Manning in Neon, who has a supply chain issue, you can offer to help him acquire additional stock. Doing so kicks off the Relief Run mission. It’s always nice to have a side gig.

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