How to treat Lung Damage in Starfield

Starfield Alexei At Reliant Medical Cures Afflictions And Wounds
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The numerous planets you explore in Starfield aren’t always good for your health. Some of them are very, very cold. Others have local vegetation or chasms that produce harmful vapors. These in turn can lead to the Lung Damage ailment, which makes exploration risky. Here is our guide explaining how to treat Lung Damage in Starfield.

Starfield – how to treat Lung Damage

When your character suffers from the Lung Damage ailment in Starfield, they develop difficulties maintaining oxygen. Given how dangerous exploration can be even when you’re in perfect health, that’s not a condition you want to see persist. Unfortunately, resting at your ship or in your quarters won’t eliminate most ailments. To treat Lung Damage, you must either visit a medical professional or use one of several items that address the ailment.

Starfield Injector Cures Lung Damage And Other Afflictions

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Visit a medical professional for a quick fix. If you can make it through a current mission, then you can travel back to a hub city for treatment. For example, you can visit Alexei at Reliant Medical in New Atlantis. He charges 750 credits to cure any afflictions and heal all wounds.

You can also buy medical supplies from medical professionals. The afflictions they treat vary, as do their costs. Your skills as a merchant may lead to lower prices. As an example, I can purchase the Injector from Reliant Medical for 410 credits. It treats Lung Damage and numerous other conditions. Other relevant medical supplies include a more affordable version of the Injector and the Snake Oil.

Since you will spend a lot of time away from medical facilities, stock up on medical supplies. That way, you can produce a quick fix if you develop an affliction at an inconvenient moment. I’m constantly falling from high ledges in caves, for instance. And I seem to be drawn to landscapes that give my character Lung Damage.

Starfield Craft Snake Oil At Pharmaceutical Lab In Dream Home

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As you progress through the campaign and develop the Chemistry skill, you should also be able to research technologies. You can soon produce supplies at a Pharmaceutical Lab that treat the Lung Damage condition (check our guide explaining how to research new items and equipment for more information). For instance, even with a basic lab, you can create Snake Oil.

Once I paid off my Dream Home on Nesoi, I built a lab I could easily visit to produce such items whenever I wanted, provided I had gathered the required ingredients. Additional research also reduces the number of ingredients required for each item.

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