How to unlock BP50, Ram-9, SOA Subverter, and Soulrender in Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) and Warzone

Modern Warfare 3 Unlock Season 2 Weapons
Image: Activision

Four weapons are coming into the game with Modern Warfare 3 Season 2. Here, you’ll learn a little about the BP50, Ram-9, SOA Subverter, and Soulrender, and how to get them all in MW3 and Warzone.

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All new weapons in MW3 Season 2, listed

The four new weapons in Modern Warfare 3 Season 2 are the BP50, the Ram-9, the SOA Subverter, and the Soulrender. BP50 is an assault rifle, Ram-9 is an SMG, SOA Subverter is a battle rifle, and Soulrender is a melee. Here’s how to unlock them all.

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How to get BP50 in MW3 and Warzone

Modern Warfare 3 Bp50
Image: Activision

BP50 is earned through completing the B7 sector on the MW3 Season 2 Battle Pass. BP50 is an assault rifle, but it has a higher rate of fire than most guns in its class. It also has high mobility, so it performs closer to an SMG while still being an assault rifle.

If you didn’t get as far as you wanted on the Season 2 Battle Pass, don’t worry. You can earn Battle Pass weapons after that Season is over. After the Battle Pass weapon leaves when the Battle Pass gets replaced, a Challenge becomes available to complete to get the Battle Pass weapon. If you missed it, go to the Challenges menu and look for a way to unlock BP50.

How to get Ram-9 in MW3 and Warzone

Modern Warfare 3 Ram 9
Image: Activision

Like BP50, Ram-9 is unlocked by completing the B6 Battle Pass sector on the MW3 Season 2 Battle Pass. Ram-9 is an SMG with the best recoil control and the most rounds and reserves of any SMG so far. It has very poor range, but shines as the best weapon for close-quarters combat.

Though Ram-9 is a Battle Pass weapon, you can get it after Season 2 is over via completing a Challenge. Once the Season 2 Battle Pass is replaced, and only then, you can unlock Ram-9 by completing a specific Challenge for it.

How to get SOA Subverter in MW3 and Warzone

Modern Warfare 3 Soa Subverter
Image: Activision

SOA Subverter is a battle rifle that is unlocked by completing a specific Weekly Challenge. Unlike the first two weapons, SOA Subverter isn’t tied to a Battle Pass but is unlockable from a Challenge from the get-go. SOa Subverter offers the best sprint-to-fire battle rifle as well as great accuracy, rate of fire, and recoil control.

SOA Subverter isn’t available just yet in MW3. Each Tuesday, a new Weekly Challenge becomes available. One of the weeks in Season 2 will have SOA Subverter as a reward.

How to get Soulrender in MW3 and Warzone

Modern Warfare 3 Soulrender
Image: Activision

The MW3 Season 2 weapon I’m most excited for is the Soulrender which is a sword melee. As for unlocking Soulrender, that’s currently unknown. My guess is that it’ll be a Weekly Challenge unlock, locked behind an event that happens in Season 2 or is coming in Season 2 Reloaded. Keep your eyes peeled for it.

Soulrender has a guard stance that helps you deal high damage at a faster speed than other large melee weapons. It’s an exciting new addition to the game, but it’s just one new feature in MW3 Season 2’s roadmap.

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