mw3 season 2 rick grimes
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How to unlock the new Rick Grimes and John Doe skins in Call of Duty MW3

High time.

Maybe a little late to the party, but Modern Warfare 3 is finally getting a Walking Dead theme in Season 2. Along with legendary Rick Grimes comes Michone and an all-new zombie skin named John Doe to MW3.

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How to unlock Rick Grimes and John Doe

Call of Duty MW3 is awarding all Season Pass players to unlock Rick Grimes from the lineup immediately. This legendary zombie killer is no doubt going to be a favorite on the battlefield with his killer one-liners and cold demeanor.

mw3 season 2 rick grimes
Image: Activision

To get your hand on Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead, simply purchase the MW3 Season Pass. This will unlock him, and allow him as a playable skin. However, Michone will be coming as part of a bundle later on in the season. Keep an eye out if you want to add the zombie slaying legend to your library.

To get John Doe in your lineup, you must first purchase the extra Blackcell pass for Season 2 of MW3. John Doe fits nicely with the Walking Dead theme. John Doe is commonly used as a placeholder name for unidentified dead males. The skin comes with a skeletal face and glowing eyes looking to strike fear in enemies.

MW3 Season 2 extras

Along with the Rick Grimes and John Doe skins for MW3 Season 2, we get a whole bunch more goodies and cosmetics. New maps, events, and skins promise to revamp the game for the newest season, but for me, there are a few standouts.

mw3 season 2 rick grimes
Image: Activision

The new aftermarket part looks to be a mountable chainsaw for guns. Now, for me, this is essential for any good zombie-killing game. Look at Doom, Gears of War, and Dead Rising, to name but a few iconic zombie-killing chainsaw guns.

Another exciting addition to Season 2 that fits all too well with the Zombie theme is the Soul Render. This sword is another in-season unlock, like Michonne in MW3. I am looking forward to seeing Rick Grimes cutting down the John Does with a chainsaw in Season 2 of MW3.

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