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How to unlock the Secret Ending in Signalis, Explained

A great game with a not-so-straightforward ending.

Signalis is a fantastic throwback horror game, making an excellent callback to retro classics like Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Even further drawing inspiration from classic horror games, Signalis has multiple endings and even a secret ending that is difficult to unlock. This article will discuss how you can unlock the secret ending in Signalis and what it might mean.

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How to unlock the secret ending in Signalis

How To Get The Secret Ending In Signalis Explanation

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To unlock the secret ending, you must gather three keys and a code to unlock the safe box before the game’s final boss. The steps might sound simple, but getting those keys is very specific, and you must invest a lot of time and effort. As for the code, you can easily miss this one if you’re not paying attention to the radio during the prologue sequence.

Here’s how to obtain the three keys:

  1. Love Key – Turn the radio to 096.000 while in the Isolation Room.
  2. Eternity Key – Change the radio frequency to 065.000 while in the Dark Bedroom.
  3. Sacrifice key – Tune the radio frequency to 240.000 while in the Itou Backrooms.

As for the code, it’s in the radio sequence during the prologue. If you’re paying attention, you would have most likely written it down, but if not, here’s the radio code.

  • Radio Code – 39486 60170 24326 01064

The secret ending, Artifact, explained

How To Get The Secret Ending In Signalis Unlocking Artifact

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The Artifact ending in Signalis is very different from the main endings. It has too many vague references to make a perfect interpretation. Most interpretations are not official, and we’ve seen various opinions on whether Artifact is a good or bad ending. Here’s our take on the Artifact ending in Signalis.

This secret ending is a conclusion about completing the symbolic cycle between Elster and Ariane. Artifact is a ritual that Elster made so that Ariane could wake up and put an end to the “reality-infecting” dream. Other endings feel more like a loose end or another cycle without a conclusion, unlike the Artifact. You can learn more about the game in our Signalis review.

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