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Your journey in Signalis will eventually come to an end. After solving the Moons Mural puzzle in Rotfront, you’ll automatically pass through the hole and emerge in a familiar area. There’s an entirely optional puzzle here (which we won’t discuss here). In a short while, you’ll face one last foe. Here’s our Signalis guide to help you defeat the final boss.

Note: For more information, check out our Signalis guides and features hub. Likewise, please be reminded that this guide contains spoilers.


Signalis: Falke guide – How to defeat the final boss

The final boss in Signalis is none other than Falke, the same comatose replicant who had a music box. To keep it brief, I won’t go into detail about Falke’s identity because we’ll end up interpreting the game’s entire story. Instead, let’s discuss the encounter only.

Sgnl Fbss Fin 1

Falke’s abilities include:

  • Dark Orbs – If she’s immobile, she’ll soon let out dozens of tiny orbs in a wide spread. Try to find gaps so you don’t get it.
  • Corrupted Summon – The boss will sometimes spawn several mobs. You can kill them if you want, though they’ll also die to her attacks.
  • Spinning Shields – Your opponent will create shields that surround her. If you’ve got a gun equipped, you’ll need to aim and shoot when her body is exposed.

Signalis Final Boss Guide Falke How To Defeat Final Boss Endings 2

  • Spear Throw – She’ll periodically throw a spear in a straight line, so just sprint sideways to avoid it.
  • Falling Spear – From time to time, spears will fall down from the sky. They’ll then create a singularity that will cause damage in a small area. Try to stay clear of them until it’s safe.
  • Hacked Screen – As the fight progresses, Falke will slowly cause your screen to glitch out, akin to the mobs that require you to tune your radio. You won’t need to do that here, though.

Signalis Final Boss Guide Falke How To Defeat Final Boss Endings 1

In any case, to defeat the final boss, Falke, in Signalis, you’ll just need to take note of her Falling Spear attack. Once it’s safe, go near one and pick it up. Several seconds later, she’ll kneel on the floor. Get within range and press the interact button to do a stabbing animation. You don’t actually need to shoot her the entire time.

After stabbing Falke, you’ll transition into a new area. Repeat the same process as before (i.e., avoiding projectiles, staying away from mobs, picking up a spear when necessary, and stabbing her when possible). Do this whole process around five times and she’ll meet her doom. This will then be followed by a particular Signalis ending depending on your actions throughout the campaign.

Sgnl Fbss Fin 2

Signalis is available via Steam.

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