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How to untrack stuck Triumphs in Destiny 2 The Final Shape

They're just starting at me in my quest log, menacingly

With every new Destiny 2 expansion, comes the inevitable vaulting of content. The Final Shape has eliminated a decent amount of stuff from Into the Light. As such, the game might give you some trouble when it comes to getting rid of this now-sunset content. Let’s travel into the heart and figure out how to untrack stuck Triumphs in Destiny 2 The Final Shape.

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Can you untrack stuck Triumphs in Destiny 2 The Final Shape?

How To Untrack Stuck Triumphs In Destiny 2 The Final Shape Overthrow
Image: Bungie

For those who are unaware, once a year of Destiny 2 content ends Bungie removes the ability to earn certain Triumphs that were tied to now-removed content. Bungie usually posts notices before the expansions drop telling Guardians to make sure they untrack any Triumphs that are not going to be available in the next year.

Sadly, if you haven’t untracked stuck Triumphs before The Final Shape released, you cannot untrack them. Bungie said, “Players who were tracking Triumphs that were vaulted with the launch of The Final Shape cannot untrack them.” So if you accidentally forgot to log on before the long 25-hour downtime, those unattainable Triumphs will be mocking you in your track quests for some time.

Bungie will more than likely push a hotfix to Destiny 2, allowing players to remove the Triumphs, or automatically remove them for you. Until then, just try focusing on getting your Guardians to the Pinnacle Cap so you can take on the new raid on day one.

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