Destiny 2 The Final Shape
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Destiny 2 The Final Shape Power Level: Soft cap, Hard cap, Pinnacle cap

Get grinding guardian.

With the closing chapter of the Light and Dark saga in Destiny 2 upon us, maybe the last chance to level grind is just around the corner. To become the best Guardian you can be, you will want to be able to smash through the soft cap, hard cap, and Pinnacle level cap in Destiny 2: The Final Shape. Here is what you’ll be aiming for.

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New cap levels in Destiny 2

A few changes have been made to the level caps in The Final Shape. These are designed to make it easier for New Lights to get to that soft cap. Rather than the usual 150 levels needed between floor level and soft cap, it is only 40 this time around. This means simply playing through the Final Shape campaign will have all players right at the soft cap immediately.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape Power Level: Soft cap, Hard cap, Pinnacle cap
Screenshot: Bungie

The new caps levels in Destiny 2 are:

  • Power Floor: 1900
  • Soft Cap: 1940
  • Powerful Cap: 1990
  • Hard Cap/Pinnacle Cap: 2000

The jump from the power level floor to the soft cap can be achieved really easily in The Final Shape. This will encourage all players, both new and returning, to grind that powerful gear. The team over at Bungie have promised that completing The Final Shape campaign will reward players with a whole armour set boosting their guardian past the soft cap to power level 1960.

The Final Shape raid level requirements

To get involved in the day one raid for Destiny 2: The Final Shape, you’ll need to be at power level 1965. This can be achieved by finishing the main campaign on normal difficulty and then grinding out powerful gear. However, if you want to speed the process up, complete the campaign on Legendary. This will result in a gear that will boost you to level 1960. This is only five levels below what you need to start running the day one raids.

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