How to use infinite money glitch in Starfield

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As with any game with credits, gold, or cash, there is always a glitch you can use to end up with more money than God. It hasn’t taken the Starfield community long to find one, either. The infinite money glitch in Starfield takes a little bit of swimming, maybe a health pack or two, and some game-breaking exploration. There are a few glitches out there, but this one is pretty easy.

Infinite money glitch in Starfield

This guide can be done from the moment you get to New Atlantis. You need a boost pack, and a few health packs. Travel to the commercial district.

Jump the River

How to use infinite money glitch in Starfield

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The first step, once you have spawned into the commercial district, is to head to the dam. Looking across the chasm, you will notice a large iron structure in the middle of the gap. Use your jumps and boosters to land on the concrete supports at the bottom.

From this position, you can now safely jump across the next stretch of water to the concrete platform under the building at the far side. Quicksave at this point.

Drop down to the gap

How to use infinite money glitch in Starfield

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Drop down the far side of these concrete ledges for the next step in the Starfield infinite money glitch. Make sure not to drop all the way down. As you fall, you will find a small outcropping of rock you can land on. Once you have made it to this ledge, turn and look back toward the building you have just jumped from, and you will notice a barely discernible gap with a striped texture just inside.

Thread the gap

How to use infinite money glitch in Starfield

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Head through this gap by sprinting and jumping. Once through the gap, you will need to boost to stop the damage from the drop. Walk straight down towards the pool at the bottom, do not head right. Once you reach the pool, turn right and head back up the slope.

Once you are almost at the top, you will notice you are on a small ledge. This is where you need to stop for the next stage in the Starfield infinite money glitch.

Glitch swimming

How to use infinite money glitch in Starfield

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Quickly quicksave. Now, here is where you will begin to swim and will have to use your med packs. Jump up and to the right, and you will start to swim in some invisible water. Swim up towards the dam, not to the left. I would recommend sprint swimming. You will start to drown a little, so use your med packs when you’re about halfway through your health.

Swim along the wall on the left until you come to some green rocks at the end. As you pass them, you will notice a gap in the rocks. Drop through this to stop swimming; use your boost packs to stop your legs from snapping.

Get under the city for infinite money

How to use infinite money glitch in Starfield chest

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Now, quicksave again. Make your way through the gap until you can see under the city on your right. This is a bit of a tough one, but I found sticking to the right wall and boost jumping got me up the cliff face. Jump and boost your way forward, keeping your shoulder to the right wall. You will eventually find yourself under the Starfield city.

Loot the infinite money in Starfield

You will notice chests sat just under the city. Each of these is the private stash of the store above it. You can loot these for everything their worth without stealth or picks and without it being a crime. The one I really recommend is the one by your ship, at the vendor there. It has a huge wedge of money.

Reset the infinite money glitch

This glitch for infinite Starfield money will reset every 48 hours. Just go have a sleep somewhere and then do it all again. After the first time, it can be done in a few minutes.


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