How to use Boost Pack in Starfield

Best Performance Enhancing Mods in Starfield
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The Basic Boostpack is a mod to your Pack equipment in Starfield that allows you to boost around an area for a specific period. It is handy when traversing the environment or fighting enemies and adds a lot of fun to the game. For example, I enjoyed recreating iconic moments from the 1991 movie The Rocketeer! However, how to use and improve the Boost Pack can be unclear, which can lead to frustrating moments. Here’s how to use Boost Pack in Starfield.

How to use Jetpack in Starfield

Here’s how to use Boost Pack in Starfield

  1. Unlock the Boost Pack Training skill
  2. Equip a Pack with a Basic Boosterpack
  3. Jump in the Air
  4. Press the Jump button again
Boost Pack Training Starfield

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You can equip Packs with a Basic Boosterpack, but you will be unable to use it unless you unluck Rank 1 of the Boost Pack Training skill. This step is confusing since the game doesn’t specifically tell you that you need the skill to use a Booster Pack you have equipped. Rank 1 unlocks the ability to use the Booster Pack, while Ranks 2, 3, and 4 reduce your fuel consumption and increase your fuel recharge rate. I recommend investing at least one Skill Point in Boost Pack Training since the Booster Pack has many good uses, especially in combat.

Once you have unlocked Boost Pack Training Rank 1, you can use the Boostpack attached to your pack. However, the controller mapping doesn’t tell you which button or key to press to activate it. To activate your Boostpack, you first need to jump by pressing the Y button on Xbox or the Space key on PC. Then, while in the air, press the jump button again to activate your Boospack.

How To Use Boostpack Starfield

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If you swap to third-person POV, you will see flames come out of your Boost Pack. In addition, a Boost bar will appear above your health bar in your HUD. This will show you how much fuel you must use in your Boost Pack. The bar will drain as you use your Boost Pack and refill when you stop using it (it will disappear once fully recharged and not in use).

How to quickly complete Boost Pack Training challenges in Starfield

You will need to complete a series of challenges to upgrade to additional Ranks of the Boost Pack Training skill. I have found that the easiest way to complete these challenges is to find a planet with some aliens and keep jumping and boosting while in combat. This may seem tedious, but you will get to Rank 4 of the Boost Pack Training skill quicker than you can gain Skill Points.

Author’s Note: I wrote this guide while playing Starfield on PC and Xbox Series S.

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