How to use persuasion in Starfield

Starfield Persuasion Explained
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As you’d expect in a big Bethesda RPG, Starfield has persuasion. While you can talk your way out of most conflicts, it’s hard to do that if you don’t know how persuasion works in Starfield. With the help of this guide, you’ll learn how to successfully use persuasion in Starfield.

Note: While it doesn’t directly affect persuasion, it wouldn’t hurt to get the best Traits in Starfield.

How to successfully persuade in Starfield

Some Starfield abilities need to be unlocked via skills before you can even perform them, but that’s not the case for persuasion. While persuasion is one of the best starter skills in Starfield, it’s not a required skill to persuade people… it will help you be successful, though.

To use persuasion in Starfield, you need to select the persuasion dialogue option while in conversation. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see a list of dialogue options, some green, some yellow, and some red.

The way persuasion works in Starfield is you need to get enough persuasion points to successfully persuade, but you only have three attempts regardless of an individual dialogue option’s success or failure. You can see the number of persuasion points you need in the bottom left corner right next to the number of attempts you have left.

The green dialogue options are the most likely to succeed but it doesn’t get you many points. Yellow is a bit riskier, but it gives a moderate amount of points. Red is the most risky but it gives you the most points.

It isn’t written in the brief Persuasion info textbox that you see when you first use Persuasion, but I’ve found a lot more success when I try to choose the dialogue options that logically align with what the person would want to hear. Also, I’ve found that the more specific the dialogue option, the higher the success. I don’t know if either of those tips are actually true, but that’s what I’ve found works in my experience.

You can also increase the chance that your persuasion checks are successful by putting more points into persuasion.

And that is how persuasion works in Starfield. Now, you can check out how to change your appearance.

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