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How to view Weekly Challenges in Modern Warfare 3 (MW3)

Challenges galore.

Challenges are something we see in nearly every online game in this day and age, and with Modern Warfare 3, this is no exception.

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Here’s how players can view the weekly challenges in MW3, along with what you’ll unlock.

Modern Warfare 3 Weekly Challenges: How To View

While there have been challenges in COD in the past, they’re going with a different approach this time around and putting more emphasis on weekly unlocks, to inspire players to complete them.

Similar to how Fortnite has operated regarding their weekly challenges over the years, we see rewards being granted to players for completing them, and the first week of Modern Warfare 3 will award players with the Golden River camo.

Players will be able to view these challenges in the outlined category titled Challenges in-game, and they’ll notice that there are Daily, Weekly, and Career challenges for both multiplayer and zombies in Modern Warfare 3.

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These are going to change every week, and we can assume for the time being that each week is also going to present new rewards for players to earn. To unlock the Golden River camo in week one, players will need to complete all four of these challenges for both multiplayer and zombies.

It’s a pretty complex system at first glance, but essentially, these challenges are the gateway to new camos, aftermarket parts, and so on, so you’ll want to tackle them ASAP.

Modern Warfare 3 Week 1 Challenges

In terms of what challenges players will need to complete during week one of MW3, check them out below.


  • Kill 5 Operators Who Killed You, with a Recommended Weapon
  • Get 20 Operator Kills with a Silenced Recommended Assault Rifle
  • Get 10 Operator Sliding Kills with a Recommended Weapon
  • Get 1 Operator Triple Kills with a Recommended Sniper Rifle
  • Get 20 Operator Kills with the MCW
  • Get 15 Operator Kills with Sight Equipped to a Recommended Assault Rifle
  • Get 15 Operator Headshots Kills with the MCW


  • Get 250 Kills with a Recommended weapon
  • Get 100 Kills with a Silenced Recommended Assault Rifle
  • Get 30 Kills with PHD Flopper Explosions
  • Get 200 Kills in the Medium of High Threat Zone
  • Get 100 Kills with the MCW
  • Get 150 Scoped Kills with a Recommended Assault Rifle
  • Get 150 Critical Kills with the MCW

It’s not too bad to start the game off, and it’ll be a breeze, especially if you check out our other Modern Warfare 3 articles here.

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