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The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan is Supermassive Games’ latest survival horror title. Like any other media that emphasizes scares and the frights, characters will be at the end of their wits, panicking and making terrible decisions. As the player, you can have all the characters in Man of Medan survive. Alternatively, you can also be careless, and numerous decisions and QTE sequences can lead to their doom. This feature takes a look at some of the character death scenes you’ll see in Man of Medan and what led to these tragic (and foolish) moments.

Note: Since we’ll talk about Man of Medan‘s death scenes, there will, obviously, be a lot of spoilers. If you want more juicy details on how to reach these brutal moments, feel free to check our full game walkthrough where everyone lives. Once you finish the game, you can use the Scene Selection feature to make different choices (or fumble your QTE attempts) to see your characters die.

For all other matters, you can go ahead and check our guides and features hub for everything you need to know about The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan.

Julia - the bends premonition

A Premonition will tell you what happens if Julia surfaces too early.


One of Julia’s possible cause of death in Man of Medan can happen fairly early on in the game. During “Dive,” she and Alex will spot an explosion. Julia can surface too quickly, leading to “the bends” or decompression sickness.

The consequence won’t be evident until you reach the very end of the game. You can have a number of ending scenes which show that Julia’s alive. But, she’ll suddenly suffer from “the bends” whether you’ve already escaped on the Duke of Milan, the Coast Guard’s boat, or even prior to a military helicopter’s arrival.

Julia The Bends - decomp sickness

Apart from Julia’s fate due to decompression sickness, there are a few ways she could meet her demise. In “Revenge,” Alex and Julia end up getting chased by a mysterious creature. Attempting to drown the creature, picking the left side doorway, and failing the QTE sequence will lead to Julia getting grabbed. The creature ends up breaking her neck.

Another possibility happens towards the end of Man of Medan‘s penultimate scene. Junior, one of the fishermen-turned-pirates, holds her and a friend at gunpoint. If you dismiss Junior’s claims that the mist is doing something terrible, he accidentally shoots her in the head.

Lastly, if she’s the one who’s struggling against Olson in the “Flooded Cargo Hold,” then she can potentially get squashed by the heavy door, or Olson might bash her head with the sledgehammer in Shared Story Mode.

The Dark Pictures Man Of Medan Guide Death Scenes Dumb Ways To Die Julia Broken Neck

The doppelganger breaks Julia’s neck if you failed the QTE sequences.


Like his sister, Conrad has a number Man of Medan death scenes. Looks like Iceman just can’t keep it cool. The first can happen during “Escape.” If Conrad chooses to hijack the fishermen’s boat, Olson will attempt to shoot him. Failure during this QTE sequence leads to Conrad’s death.

If Conrad was able to escape successfully, a post-credits scene will show him with the Coast Guard. Conrad heroically boards the SS Ourang Medan, only to realize that nobody’s there. He later ends up cornered by a ghoulish lady.

If Conrad stays with the others, there are multiple ways that he could die during the sequence with “The Lady.” If Conrad fails the QTE sequences as he’s jumping the gaps or climbing up, he’ll fall to his death. If Conrad attempts to hide and is discovered, he panics and falls down only to get impaled. Lastly, if Conrad does make it all the way up top but he decides to jump down, well, he’ll jump straight to the afterlife.

Conrad can also die during “Flooded Cargo Hold.” The last QTE sequence will have you struggling with Olson just as the cargo hold’s door is falling down. If you fail this part, you’ll get cut in half. The same happens in Shared Story Mode in case your partner wasn’t able to shut the door in time, as Olson smashes his brains with the sledgehammer.

The Dark Pictures Man Of Medan Guide Death Scenes Dumb Ways To Die Conrad Impaled

Bobby Drake? More like Bobby Staked.


A number of Fliss’ death scenes can be quite accidental in nature. During “The Ritual,” she’ll spot a crazed Brad, who will be hallucinating if he wasn’t able to find a gas mask. Brad’s got a gigantic wrench, and he’ll cave in Fliss’ skull if you can’t avoid his attacks.

While looking for a way out alongside Brad, Fliss could force open a door causing it to flood. If she can’t be rescued by Brad, then she’s done for and she’ll drown.

Conrad, who’s clearly seeing things, will also attempt to stab Fliss. If you attack the creature as Conrad, he wouldn’t realize that he killed his new flame until it’s too late.

If Fliss was the one who went below decks to restore power to the radio, then she might end up getting accidentally shot by Junior.

Lastly, one of Alex’s final dilemmas will have him facing off against an abomination. It’s actually Fliss, and Alex can end up stabbing her.

The Dark Pictures Man Of Medan Guide Death Scenes Dumb Ways To Die Fliss Head Crush

Brad: “Bye, Fliss-cia.”


The timid but thoughtful Brad will experience a few harrowing moments in Man of Medan. While exploring on his own, he’ll encounter Fliss (who’s actually hallucinating). Thinking that she’s being chased by a hooded figure, Fliss might accidentally stab Brad.

Even if the two did not come to blows because neither of them were hallucinating, Brad can still end up dead. That happens when he goes down to a room to open a door. Seawater rushes in, flooding the interior. If Fliss can’t rescue him, Brad drowns.

It’s also possible for Brad to get shot by Junior in the head in case he’s the one who went down below decks.

During the scene at the “Flooded Cargo Hold,” Brad might be the one who wants to rescue his friends. If he gets stuck while duking it out with Olson, he’ll get crushed by the cargo hold’s door. In Man of Medan‘s Shared Story Mode, he could also meet his end via a sledgehammer to the face.

The Dark Pictures Man Of Medan Guide Death Scenes Dumb Ways To Die Brad Stabbed

Fliss: “Nope, not today, Brad.”


There are a few occasions where Alex winds up dead. The first is during “Revenge,” where Alex and Julia are running from the former’s doppelganger. Attempting to drown the creature, picking the right side pathway, and failing the QTE sequences at the end will lead to Alex getting captured. Alex’s head gets smashed on the metal door, killing him instantly.

Another occurrence will be after you’ve found Olson’s body and you’re swarmed by rats. Alex has gone bonkers, even seeing a rat emerge from his stomach. He does have a knife, and he can stab himself with it… which leads to his demise.

If you end up experiencing a different Man of Medan finale, then Alex could be the one who encounters Junior (and he can potentially get shot), or he’d end up struggling with Olson in the “Flooded Cargo Hold.”

The Dark Pictures Man Of Medan Guide Death Scenes Dumb Ways To Die Alex Smashed Face

Metal door: 1, Human head: 0

Man of Medan deaths: Everyone

Of course, there are additional scenes from Man of Medan‘s ending where it’s either hinted or outright shown that everyone died.

If the distributor cap was destroyed, the group will have no way of powering the Duke of Milan. The gang will part ways. Julia will be seen inside the ship terrified of something, only for a deranged Alex to pop up. Brad and Fliss, meanwhile, are marooned in the middle of the ocean, looking pale and sickly with no rescue in sight.

If you want something more direct, then it can happen if the distributor cap was destroyed and the group mentioned the ship’s name via the military radio. A military helicopter arrives – but, because they had to keep the SS Ourang Medan‘s cargo a secret, they’ll gun down all the survivors. Surprisingly enough, this is a guaranteed way to get a Steam achievement where all characters get killed.

Duke Of Milan No Rescue

Stuck in the middle of the Pacific with no rescue in sight. That doesn’t end well.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan can be found on Steam. If you want more features and guides, you can always check out our hub right over here. In case you found more gruesome death scenes, do let us know.

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