Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ) Ghosted guide: How to get Aether Shroud Field Upgrade kills

Modern Warfare Zombies Aether Shroud Field Upgrade Kills
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Ghosted is an Act Three Tier Two mission that can take a long time if you don’t have a good strategy. In this guide, you’ll learn the best ways to defeat zombies and mercenaries with the Aether Shroud Field Upgrade in MWZ.

How to kill 100 zombies with Aether Shroud Field Upgrade in Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ)

The biggest problem with this mission is the Aether Shrouhd Field Upgrade, while cool since it doesn’t make you invisible, only lasts for around five to six seconds which doesn’t give you a lot of time to get kills. However, I’ve figured out a way to maximize the kills you can get so you don’t waste too much time completing the Ghosted mission.

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As is the case with a lot of other missions, the best way to get 100 kills while Aether Shroud is active is to go to an exfil site, summon the helicopter, and train together a large group of zombies. I suggest doing this at an exfil site that doesn’t have other players so you can get all the kills.

Also, before you launch into a match, I suggest equipping Semtex or Cymbal Monkeys — something with quick explosive power. Though you can shoot zombies while Aether Shroud is active to quickly get to 100, I found that the faster way was to throw a Semtex or Cymbal Monkey and immediately activate your Aether Shroud. The grenade will go off and net you a ton of zombie kills with Aether Shroud active.

How to kill 20 mercenaries with Aether Shroud Field Upgrade in Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ)

Getting 20 mercenaries kills with the Aether Shroud Field Upgrade is a bit harder. While you can go to a Mercenary Camp or Mercenary Stronghold to get kills, I recommend doing that at the end when you need just a few more to finish it off.

The quickest way I’ve found to get 20 mercenary kills with Aether Shroud is to play a Defend Ground Station Contract. Get to the end of the Contract where you need to defend the station. Don’t worry about completing the mission, just wait for a lot of enemy mercenaries to arrive and surround the station. When there is a good amount gathered together, use Aether Shroud and grenades to score all of those kills.

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