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Murky Divers Beastiary: All monsters and weaknesses explained

Cyclopean horrors beyond human imagining.

The deeper you go, the more terrifying the monsters of the deep become in Murky Divers. The untold horrors that sleep at the watery depths are going to cause you a lot of problems until you learn their weaknesses and how to avoid them.

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The Cyclopean horrors are as yet unnamed and mostly undiscovered. Sadly, we weren’t armed with a book of horror before embarking on the deep-sea adventure. However, as I travel further, I have been logging each monster I encounter and sacrificing my body to each to discover how to beat them all in Murky Divers.

Every monster in Murky Divers explained

So far, these are just names I have attributed to the various monsters. I’m no Lovecraft, just a man with a pair of air tanks and a dream. Take a read before you disembark to your next dive site.

BarrelFlyFloats like a butterfly, Bombs like an airstrike. Basically, a pair of wings attached to a claymore, so stay away. You can spot them by their flashing barrels.
Bomberfly Monster Murky Divers
They can be easily avoided by listening out for them and looking for the red flashing light. This is a slow monster in Murky Divers, but they often come in groups. One will set the next off.
LobstrositySharp, stabbing claws in the front, framing its disgusting toothy maw and horrible grin. Adaptly evolved lobster style legs in the back, perfect for scuttling.
Lobstrosity Murky Divers Monster
Stay at a distance. Can be stunned with Tasers and the EMP. It can be outpaced and will lose interest eventually.
Gob BlobThis is a hard monster to spot in Murky Divers due to the fact that its body is transparent. You will usually be able to see it by its huge, gaping mouth.
Gob Blob Murky Divers Monsters
Very slow and stupid but can follow you into gaps you wouldn’t expect. Just put some distance between you and it or use the stunner. If a teammate is caught by it, you will have a long time to rescue them as it only drains health slowly.
Body BarracudaAt first appearance, this just looks like a very inviting pile of dismembered limbs poking out of the ground. However, get close, and it’ll strike at you like a concealed Eel.
Murky Divers Body Barracuda
I know the pile of flesh and bone looks like you want to touch it, but don’t. Simply stay away and you’ll be grand.
ElecleachUgle little worm with a pointed tail and a face full of sharp teeth.
Elecleach Monster In Murky Divers
The problem with these guys is they’re a small monster and easy to miss swimming around in Murky Divers. However, they latch on and slowly drain health, so get to a friend and have them punch them. This will temporarily stun the monster.
Shock CloudA black cloud of shocking material. Easy to hear and easy enough to see.
Black Cloud Monster Murky Divers
Simply keep your distance, this one won’t pursue and is more of just an area of denial.
Pocket GoblinLooks can be deceiving. This cute little monster in Murky Divers will approach you with its big eyes and toothy smile and rob you of everything you have before scuttling off.
Pocket Goblin murky divers
As soon as you see it, punch it straight in the face. If it approaches, punch it again. If it steals your stuff, chase it down by following its sounds, and punch it even more.

This list will be continuously updated as we discover more of the various monsters and their weaknesses in Murky Divers.

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