Phasmophobia Ouija Board

In Phasmophobia, you will find plenty of equipment to assist your paranormal investigation, such as a Ouija board. If you manage to stumble across one, you can ask the ghost pretty much anything, as the game has voice recognition software. However, there are some questions that can get you quick and easy answers to gain more evidence.

Unfortunately, Ouija boards spawn randomly. If luck is on your side, you may encounter an Ouija board in multiple matches though. If you do manage to find one, click on the Ouija board and it will be ready to use once it starts to glow. After you ask a question, the spirit will respond by spelling out their answer using the planchette. You can use this to your advantage to gain more intel about the ghost which will help the investigation develop. Also, you can learn some spooky details about the ghost including if they murdered someone, how old they are, and more.

What to ask the spirits in Phasmophobia

There are a variety of questions you can ask the spirit such as their age, when they died, how long they have been at the location, and more. However, you may find location questions more useful when gathering evidence. You can ask the ghost what their favorite room is or where their room is located, giving you a clue to where they may be. Moreover, you may want to ask if they are with you or close by to determine if you want to utilize any of your equipment. You are also able to ask questions specific to the room. Proposing a question to determine how many spirits are in the room or who is in the room can give you direct answers.

If that is not scary enough, you can ask more sinister questions. This includes if they murdered someone and the name of their victim. It is important to note that the Ouija board can make the ghosts in Phasmophobia angry. As a result, your sanity level can drop significantly. To stay safe, you may want to stick with your team or use a crucifix.

Ouija Board Phasmophobia

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