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Horror is an extremely popular gaming genre. Phasmophobia is the latest horror co-op game that focuses on finding evidence. As the name suggests, the theme of the game is ghosts. In Phasmophobia, you play as a ghost hunter and your primary objective is to find ghosts. Also, you can gather evidence that can be used to work out what type of ghost you have found. Using various ghost hunting tools, you can work with your team to gather further details. However, the ghosts will retaliate as you get closer to finding the answers. To win, you must gather as many clues as possible and work out what type of ghost you are dealing with, before calling the correct ghost exterminator.

Gathering evidence

There are various ways you can gather evidence and utilize your equipment in Phasmophobia. You can determine if a ghost is nearby if there is a change in temperature. When you use your thermometer, a freezing temperature indicates a ghost type and the temperature of the room will drop drastically.

An additional piece of evidence is an orb. Ghost orbs can be seen through a camera or a head-mounted camera that has night vision. So, if you see a yellow floating light, you can determine that it is an orb. Using a different type of light, UV lights, or glowsticks can help you spot fingerprints that may be left on objects by a ghost.

Phasmophobia evidence

Next, the spirit box can be the most chilling way to gather evidence. Players can ask questions near a ghost, in which the ghost will respond. Another way in which ghosts can interact is through writing. If the ghost writes in the ghost writing book, this is another piece of evidence. Finally, you can use the EMF Level 5 reader to find clues of ghosts interacting with the room.

As there are a total of ten ghosts, you will have to link your findings to the various ghosts to determine what is causing the trouble. Examples of the ghosts you may encounter include a demon, poltergeist, and a revenant. A demon will come through on a spirit box, display ghost writing, and freezing temperatures. A poltergeist will also speak through the spirit box, but it will leave fingerprints and appear as an orb. A revenant can be detected on the EMF Level 5, show ghost writing, and leave fingerprints.

Phasmophobia Evidence

Which Phasmophobia ghost is haunting you?

As you can see, different combinations of evidence correspond with different ghosts. Consequently, it is important to make a note of your findings. To gather all the evidence you need more quickly, each player could focus on a different room and give each a different piece of equipment to use. It is important to note that the order in which you find the evidence does not determine the ghost type.

If you fancy your hand at becoming a ghost hunter, Phasmophobia may be the game for you. Beware, you will encounter some hostile ghosts who can lock doors and more to try hinder your investigation. As Phasmophobia is still in its early access version, it will be interesting to see what content will be added as the game develops. The full game is expected to be released in 2021.

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