New patch for Vampire Survivors adds the ultimate prank character

Vampire Survivors update blue fire

If you have recently felt an itch to experience new content in developer poncle’s indie hit game Vampire Survivors, then you will likely appreciate the new patch that just dropped. It adds a decent amount of features, including a new weapon, two new Arcanas, six additional achievements, and language support for both Brazilian-Portuguese and German. Arguably the most significant addition to Vampire Survivors comes in the form of a new character who the patch notes refer to as “the Posh one.” Interestingly, neither the patch notes nor the new teaser trailer describes much about this new character, but those who try and unlock them will find quite the surprise.

As it turns out, a tree named Peppino serves as Vampire Survivors‘ 24th character. And no, this tree does not have a face or limbs like the ents found in The Lord of the Rings. It is literally a stationary tree that cannot be moved by the player. A bizarre inclusion to say the least, but Peppino seems to perform much more effectively than initial impressions would lead one to believe.


What does it even do?

Initially, Peppino boasts a limited area of effect for its weapons, but this area grows substantially as the player levels up. Runs inevitably amount to watching as massive hordes of enemies instantly die to an ever-expanding field of death while the tree simply sits idly by. Its playstyle definitely has a mindless, Cookie Clicker-style appeal, and players who already regularly attempt “no movement” challenge runs will inevitably gravitate toward this ‘joke’ character.

The new patch for Vampire Survivors also includes the usual gameplay tweaks and bug fixes, but the playable tree character definitely serves as the most attention-grabbing addition. The patch notes teased that more characters will come before the 1.0 version, but one can only wonder if any future character inclusions will top this one.

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