The last few Phasmophobia updates have focused on ghosts, implementing various fixes and changes to their behavior. The game’s latest update focuses more on player interaction this time out, although the patch notes are still quite extensive. Here’s what Kinetic Games has changed in its latest Phasmophobia update.

The sole brand new addition to the game is a new connection option. If you’re struggling to keep a solid connection to the Phasmophobia server, you can now change your connection ports through the game itself. This new option is filed under the “other” section of the game’s options menu.

There’s more to note when it comes to game changes. First of all, rain effects in the Tanglewood location have been quieted down, while Banshees will no longer listen out for non-target players. In addition to these audio fixes, Kinetic Games has also increased the time sounds can be detected by the parabolic or sound sensor, from two to three seconds.

Elsewhere, the camera’s night vision brightness has been lowered across the board. Another QOL change includes the fact that changing characters will no longer unready the entire lobby. A specific change for non-VR players rounds out the list. For said players, swapping items from a turned-on flashlight will now automatically turn on your shoulder light. So, watch out for that beam.

Fixin’ up

The list of bug fixes here is extensive, so let’s go over the big changes. There’s two location-specific changes in here, on Edgefield and Asylum. The former has had a bug fixed where you couldn’t be killed inside a bedroom closet, and the latter had an issue where you couldn’t take photos of fingerprints on grey doors, which is now fixed.

Phasmobobia Kinetic Games 7

The Ouija board needed some attention too, and its spawning locations, photo evidence traits, and incorrect compatibility with dead players, have been altered. Speaking of dead players, apparently you could grab doors when dead at times, which has been addressed too. The remainder of the Phasmophobia update notes revolve around some VR-related bugs, which Kinetic Games has sorted out.

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