Rogue Company guide: How to increase your chances of getting more wins

Rogue Company win

Rogue Company is the newest third-person shooter to gain popularity, and has drawn in many curious players over the past several weeks. Players need a quick shot, but they also need good tactics and knowledge to secure Rogue Company wins.The competition is intense, and getting used to the mechanics can be quite difficult. However, the cross-platform game may be familiar to those who play Valorant or Counter Strike Global Offensive. The main game mode is Demolition which sees teams switch between attacking and defending two objective sites. The winner of each round is the team that is able to secure an objective or eliminate all enemy players first.

The first thing to know is that Rogue Company has an in-game money system. At the beginning of each round, players can purchase weapons, perks, utility, and more. The amount of money you receive at the start of each round is determined by how well you did in the previous round. Some updates will cost more than others and it is important to use your money effectively rather than fully upgrading your weapon from the start. For example, if the enemy team is playing passively, you may want to use grenades to make them move out of their position. In addition, characters such as Lancer have a dead silence perk which can be useful in covering your position when travelling around the map.

Rogue Company win

Make the most of cover to secure the Rogue Company win

Although this appears obvious, making use of cover can help you stay alive for longer. Rogue Company has a dodge mechanic which allows you to roll in different directions, making it perfect for quickly getting back into cover. This is most effective at close range and using cover against your enemy can be more advantageous than running out into the open. Also, Rogue Company has a unique mechanic that allows you to switch shoulders. This allows you to see more and make use of different angles, while remaining behind cover.

Rogue Company win with cover

Next, when you down an enemy, it may be tempting to instantly finish off the kill. Instead, you can stay near the downed player to use them as bait. As the enemy team will be at a numbers disadvantage, they will be tempted to revive their team mate. If they do, you will have the chance to get an easy double kill.

Which character is best for you?

Also, taking various routes and utilizing your character’s abilities can catch your enemy off guard. Pulling off a flank behind enemy positions can get you easy eliminations and allow you to play more aggressively. Lancer has a quick and quiet ability which gives her a speed boost, while silencing her footsteps. This makes her ideal for pulling off flanks. Also, Ronin has a submachine gun which is better at close range. Ultimately, finding the character that accompanies your play style will lead to more success.

Rogue Company win with Zip Wires

Another important factor to increasing your Rogue Company win rate is communication with your team. Rogue Company is a game focused on team work, so having a consistent squad to play with is ideal. Of course, Solo-queuing doesn’t guarantee failure, but playing with random players can present additional challenges. Being unfamiliar with your teams strengths and weaknesses in addition to lacking teamwork will reduce your odds of winning. There’s always the risk of randoms quitting out of games too. Fortunately, it was announced earlier this week that penalties will be implemented for quitters.

Additionally, if you lack a squad or are not able to communicate, Rogue Company has a ping system. Pinging a blue marker will indicate to your team where you are moving to. The red ping indicates that there is an enemy in that area. These simple actions can do wonders for coordination with games like Rogue Company.


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