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Sherlock Holmes Chapter One All Hidden Coin Locations Coin Collection In For A Penny

Hidden Coin #8

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Let’s talk about Hidden Coin #8 in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One.


The clue is in front of the Geleneksel Kahve in the northern section of the Old City. Our goal is to go through the streets and alleyways looking for symbols pertaining to lunar phases. The first is on a wall across the cafe. For the rest, you have to activate Concentration (“Q”). Then, follow the signs in the following order: waxing, full, and waning.

Try not to take the wrong turns or you might get lost. You’ll eventually arrive at a park in the middle of Scarlet Street, Ram Street, and Riza Street. The closest landmarks are the Hava Watchtower fast travel point and an “M” marker for one of Mycroft’s informants. Anyway, the coin is in this area.

All right, let’s head to the next part of our guide to find the ninth clue and item.

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