Should Karlach evolve and use the Netherstones in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Should Karlach Evolve And Use The Netherstones In Baldurs Gate 3
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There are hundreds upon thousands of different Baldur’s Gate 3 endings, depending on each specific game-changing decision you make. Once you manage to get all three Netherstones, you have to decide who should use them to defeat the Nether Brain. Unfortunately, whoever does this must be an Illithid and consume Orpheus’ powers. Karlach offers herself up to the task, but that would mean she’d transform into a mind flayer. If you’re wondering whether Karlach should evolve and use the Netherstones in Baldur’s Gate 3, continue reading.

Should Karlach become a mind flayer and use the Netherstones?

Other than Karlach, you can offer yourself as the sacrifice, or you can trust the Emperor with the Netherstones. Karlach has come a long way on her journey, and she feels in her heart this is the right thing to do. Personally, I think you should let Karlach evolve and use the Netherstones in Baldur’s Gate 3 if you want her happy ending. Let me explain why this could be a good ending for Karlach.

Although you can still win against the Nether Brain if you evolve or the Emperor handles it, Karlach has one problem. Her Infernal Engine of a heart cannot keep her alive if she stays on the material plane. She must head back to Avernus if she wants to continue living, but if she evolves into a mind flayer, she actually loses her Infernal Engine. Once you transform her, it’s definitely a strange new form for her, but she can live happily in Faerun!

Should Karlach Evolve And Use The Netherstones In Baldurs Gate 3 Illithid Mind Flayer

Image: Larian Studios

Well, the public isn’t too keen on mind flayers now, so she’d have to stay hidden. But I chose this route in my game because I still wasn’t 100% trusting of the Emperor, and I felt bad for saying no to her request. Karlach gained some wicked new abilities, and she was happy with being the savior of Baldur’s Gate.

The other options are evolving yourself (permanently becoming a mind flayer), giving the Netherstones to the Emperor, or freeing Orpheus. Overall, if you free Orpheus, I think you get the best ending, as it saves the Githyanki people from Vlaakith’s reign. But then, Karlach must return to Avernus to stay alive, which may be upsetting for the many Karlach fans. You may also prefer to give the Netherstones to the Emperor, and I promise that you can trust them during the final battle.

Overall, you should give Karlach the Netherstones and allow her to evolve if you’d like this happy ending for her. Not giving her the stones doesn’t impede your victory, but it will end with her having to return to Avernus. Or she can die in the final battle, but who would want that?

Baldur’s Gate 3 is available on Steam and the PlayStation 5.

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